Winter Hill, Cookham

If you find yourself around the Windsor or Chiltern area, the town of Cookham is peacefully nestled in between Maidenhead and Marlow and has its own little climb to pull in the roadies. Not particularly difficult but you could give it some technical respect for its constant winding through the countryside.


Turning off the National Trust owned green nicely titled The Pound, this hill never gets to a gradient where you will be grinding your teeth but its constant elevation means its a good 5 minute or so power test. Be aware this is mostly a single track all the way up so just be careful when pushing on in the corners. Kudos if you keep in the big ring all the way up, its definitely doable but if you just want to enjoy the ambience of this hidden climb, then sit back and find and easy cadence.


Your effort is rewarded with a great view over Marlow and the Chilterns. From here, roll into Marlow or carry on West to find more hidden climbs.


Winter Hill, Cookham, Maidenhead, SL6


Length: 3.3km


Average Gradient: 2%


Max. Gradient: 10%


KOM: 5.38


QOM: 6.38


NITP PB: 8.43


NITP Torture Score: 5/10


NITP Pedal Point: The challenge here is to stay in the big ring all the way up. For you pros, this won't be a problem but the KOM/QOM is 5-6minutes, this hill is a power climb so set a rhythm early and you're away, just keep your head up for traffic, I won't take responsibility for any mishaps, you've had plenty of warning! Now get out there and enjoy the climb!