Whiteleaf, Princes Risborough

When someone recommends you (looking at you @torgey!) a film (a hill!) and they've hyped it up to be Leo's proudest moment (one of the worst climbs around!) and you think yeah right, I've seen Romeo and Juliet (I've been up Barhatch!) and you don't take them seriously...well we made that mistake! This is Whiteleaf.

For a hill to be included in the original 100 climbs by Simon Warren, its got some pedigree. Its safe to say that when we research Strava or Veloviewer, its never going to fully prepare you for the climb until you actually take it out for dinner and it ends up rinsing your credit cards! Situated in the Chilterns, its not an obvious find. You mistake yourself by turning into a residential street but its home to a nasty bully! This hill does not give in. Myself and Ali really did think when we were up and over its first kick, that was the worst over!

When that road starts to bend to the right, I hope you've got a good dentist because your teeth are in for a grind! Unless you're a full racing pro, please for the love of god save some energy for this section. The road then again bends to the left and its only when you see the sign posts that you've conquered it and raise that fist in the air or like Ali, relocate your lungs!

Peters Lane (Whiteleaf), Princes Risborough, HP27


Length: 1.4km


Average Gradient: 9.4%


Max. Gradient: 20%


KOM: 3.46


QOM: 5.02


NITP PB: 7.22


NITP Torture Score: 9/10


NITP Pedal Point: Do not be caught out on the first rise otherwise you will pay for it. Save it for when the road bends to the right then dig deep. It does level off towards the end so if you do have anything left, give it some to truly kick this hill in the nuts because your nuts are probably dust by now after sitting in the saddle on this grinding climb!