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Whitedown Lane, Dorking

This is the hill that here at NITP we tend to avoid if we fancy a leisurely cruise around Surrey. Why you say? Have you met the hairpin?!! 


Notoriously known as one of the steepest in the Surrey Hills although it does have an evil twin sister near Cranleigh, this will open up the lungs and make you question life! This is a single lane road so you really do have to be prepared for drivers to squeeze by you and theres not many places to pull over. Road surface is relatively ok, its consistency in gradient means that it does not let up. Averaging just under 6%, it maxes out at 24%, it is the second half of the climb after the hairpin where the work needs to be put in.


Refreshments?! There's nothing around, you're on top of the Surrey Hills so I recommend roadkill and any puddles you can find to fill up! 

Whitedown Lane, Dorking, RH5


Length: 2.0km


Average Gradient: 6%


Max. Gradient: 24%


KOM: 4.41


QOM: 5.45


NITP PB: 7.34


NITP Torture Score: 9/10


NITP Pedal Point: It is all about the second half of the climb, rarely does the gradient come down under 20% so if you are running an 10/11 speed with the right gear ratio, you will be able to keep a good cadence. Unfortunately I am set up on a compact 9spd chainset which means I pedal squares on this climb!