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Probably a flaw with cycling clothing is that they can smell...badly! You don't want to be the rider in your club ride with a body odour flowing behind and your mates wondering if your shower has broken?! You might think that normal detergent and washing tablets will be enough but the build up salts and bacteria from miles of sweat may need something a bit more stronger. We put Granger's Wash and Repel to the test with our cycling caps which needed a really good wash as you can see...

What's that smell?!

Bit of science 101 - we sweat to help regulate our body temperature. The release of sweat acts as a cooling effect but we lose salt via this process too which if you're on a big ride, you might find in the form of white strips and marks on your clothing. The bacteria on your skin is what creates that body odour smell when it breaks down the acid found in the sweat. It's worse with synthetic clothing such as lycra which is why sports clothing carry this smelly stigma.

We've never had a body odour problem really with our kits but our caps have been neglected. They end up in a pile after a ride and our new gaff has a cat (it's not ours, it used to live here and the previous owner couldn't take it along with them so it stayed behind). Basically, the cat has made our outside basket where our shoes and caps are kept it's little home so that doesn't help with any smells either!

The Test

So I grabbed up all my caps and put them in a brand new £1 recycled bucket - the bottle that Grangers use is 100% recycled using Ocean Waste to make their bottles. Instructions do recommend to use 2 capfuls into the washing machine but I was afraid of the lids being crumpled so opted for a hand wash. A good soak and a scrub to get the salt and any cat wee that had trickled it's way in off my caps! There's no fragrance to the solution so don't expect Lenor or some lavender scent to flow through your house. It's relatively strong smelling stuff so don't go smelling the actual liquid! I went back and followed the instructions to airdry and fortunately for me, test day was bright and windy!



Cat? What cat? The smelling result is a crisp fresh smell, scientifically clean if you will! Would an added fragrance be a nice touch? Hint of strawberries and lime flowing from your cap to those in your slipstream? Better than a salty BO for sure!

Only thing we would challenge is the environmental impact. 100% recycled bottle is great but then what is going back into the water supply after the wash? You can apply this to all our washing detergents and we should. It's a very good product but at what cost to the water quality down stream? Nail this and Grangers have a great product on their hands. Christmas is coming up so if you're looking for a stocking filler for a cyclist partner, relative or friend, it's the right size for a stocking.