Wanborough Hill, Guildford

This tale has a nasty ending! It starts off like a romantic novel, you roll through the countryside with your lover (your bike in other words but we won't go into any detail!), you're making plans for the future, your holidays away together, amount of little ones you're gonna have (see the advisory rule n+1 here!) and then she stabs you in the back...and the legs...pretty much anywhere which has a pain receptor!


Fitting this is found off MOD grounds (turn South off Normandy), you can just make out the road snaking its way up to the entry to the A31 (don't worry, you don't join it!). If you have never climbed this before, it keeps you guessing for when you meet its kick, although short, my Garmin reported a 15% gradient and because the tarmac is not the smoothest, you're into a grind. When the road bends to the left and its all trees, get your climbing shoes on and get going!


Once up the top, we seriously advise you not to go right otherwise, have fun on the dual carriageway! The descent is quite fun but just watch for the rough patches.

Wanborough Hill, Guildford, GU3


Length: 0.9km


Average Gradient: 5%


Max. Gradient: 15% 


KOM: 1.47


QOM: 2.26


NITP PB: 3.14


NITP Torture Score: 7.5/10


NITP Pedal Point: There's only one main kick and you'll know when you're on it as you'll be grinding the chain! Keep a gear free in case you do need to drop down when the gradient goes skyward, if you go too early, this short but steep hill might turn into a slog you wasn't expecting!