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Wednesday 28th October 2020

It's something we all get taught at school at a young age, trees absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and in return, importantly give us Oxygen (O2) to breathe. Simply put, without trees, we wouldn't be here. So how comes when we grow as adults we forget this essential relationship with nature? Possibly due to the constant need for materials and farming, we're losing a lot more of our forests than society can afford to. Scientists describe the Amazon Rainforest as the lungs of the Earth and we all know without lungs, we can not breathe.


So what can you do? Well cutting your carbon footprint is one thing, changing your diet to a more vegetarian/vegan based one is another. But you might also feel like you're being proactive if you invest in planting a tree via Treedom. We have fallen in love with this idea - your purchase (and there's plenty of different types of trees to choose from) will be planted, placed in a tree registry (yes, there is such a thing as one!) and you can track it's growth and the amount of CO2 is absorbs over it's lifetime. When the tree is ready to picked for fruit and food, the farmer will use this for income so your investment will aid humanity as well as nature.

The only way we can think of making this social enterprise even better would be if you could buy the fruit/food when it's ready to be farmed? Now, that would truly be a circle fulfilled...

The greatest gift is made great not by its size, but by its value. That’s why, this Christmas, Treedom is asking individuals, influencers and companies to come together to plant trees - giving our planet the greatest gift of all. Planting and gifting a tree is an action with lasting, far-reaching benefits. A small gift capable of making a big difference -- and when you are planting those trees with Treedom, you are not only impacting the environment, but also the lives of farmers on the other side of the world.


With projects in 17 different countries, every tree planted by Treedom is planted in partnership with NGOs and smallholder farmers. In this way, Treedom provides farmers with food security, additional income and support and training in sustainable agroforestry techniques. Customers receive a photograph of their tree, its coordinates, and regular updates about the project their tree is a part of - and with Limited Edition Christmas trees to choose from (with dedicated festive graphics), they can name their tree, write a message on it, and gift it with a click - from anywhere in the world!


"We have already planted 1.3 million trees, and this is only the beginning. This year we want to give the greatest gift to the planet, encouraging people from all over the world to plant new trees and give them to their loved ones this Christmas,” says Federico Garcea, 39, the founder of Treedom. “Our belief is that the value of a gift does not lie in its size, cost or exclusivity, but in the value it represents for people and for the entire planet. With Treedom, you can plant a tree and give it to anyone with a simple email or message - we believe that this is the greatest gift.”


Every tree planted throughout the duration of the Christmas campaign (11th November - 26th December) will be counted on a dedicated landing page, so together we can count how many trees are being gifted to not only friends, family members, colleagues, employees, clients and loved ones, but to the planet as a whole.

Ghana - a farmer with two new saplings f