Free in June? Fancy raising some money for a worthy cause? Want to explore Kent? This could be the charity ride for you this Summer...

MN on Arc 2a on Lea Navigation in Hackney.jpg

London Cycle Orbital

London is hot on the cycle networks at the moment. Martin Nelson has taken the time and effort to create a 800mile network of arcs and spin offs to keep you Londoners pedalling!


The Voice of Cycling 

Phil Liggett is seen as a legend in the cycling world and now, you get the chance to see what makes the voice in a special documentary released in cinemas this June!


west kernow way

Looking for an off-road adventure this year but can't get abroad? Cycling UK have created the West Kernow Way...


brainy bikers

Think of yourself as a bit of a quizzer? Know your 80s cyclists from your cycling mishaps? Give Brainy Bikers a go and impress the family!

Family Bike Trip

cycling boom

The uptake in cycling participation could be a rare silver lining from this pandemic. Leisure Lake Bikes broke down the stats to find out where the cycling boom is and what people are searching for...



Could you sacrifice a coffee and cake for one ride? Well if you can part from that cycling tradition, you could use the cash to give yourself a chance to win a dream bike or a bit of flash tech from Rafflebike...


clean air app

With the roads returning to normal levels of traffic, it's only relevant to have access to an app which tells you what cleaner air routes to take, we like this very much, well done Tenzing!

cdc cervelo.jpg

cafe du cycliste 

Planning to be around Nice anytime soon? Well if you are, do check out the new Cafe du Cycliste if not for the coffee, but for the bikeporn in the form of Cervelo... *starts looking at flightscanner!


david roberts

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epic nz tour

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hills & ellis



bike theft locations

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oyb britain