'Her name is Threo and she dances on the sand', Literally this is what the wife was singing trying them on! Arriving in a lovely little draw string bag, the name is bold and the bag shouts 'I'm active' all over it. A great touch with the multi use bag as with other brands, the packaging is standard. You get the feel straight away that Threo wants you to be active. To say I was a little jel' would be an understatement as every cyclist loves a new kit day!

Their range of kit is named after favourite training parks of theirs. We (remember its the wife I am typing this for!) tested a pair of Regents Park which you can find here. Threo has not opted for the traditional bib short design but gone for a more hip hugging fit to give comfort the upper hand. Problem with bib shorts is the straps can become loose or too tight depending which way you are heading on the scales! Feedback from the other half is that it works well especially with the grip lining on the thigh to stop the shorts riding up.



Now something we have not seen on shorts before but the zipped compartment at the rear is a very clever inclusion. The wife's Samsung fit perfectly in there and there's room for a set of keys also. Any more though and it would lose its purpose with too much weight on the shorts. For a quick run or ride, a perfect addition. 

The design itself is and I quote 'modern and trendy'. We particularly like the use of the overlapping triangles giving it a Tron-electro feel without dominating the shorts. Overall, its a brand for the modern woman, the fit and comfort has been well thought through and the brand encourages you to be active and stay active. Now I wonder if they fit me?!


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