the natural barber co

via £16.95 per 100g tin

Whatever your stance is on environmental issues, it can not be ignored that as a specie to this planet, we've been very naive in our overall long term impact. So it's no surprise going eco' is the rightful trend at the moment whether it being anti-plastic, converting to veganism or cutting down your carbon footprint. We have been trying to change things in our lifestyle where we can. No more plastic bags here, we now take our reusable bamboo thermal cup around with us in case we pop into a cafe, we have also done away with plastic shower bottles and moved over to shampoo bars. If you have known us for a while, you will be aware we've had more hairstyles than we've Zwifted so when we came across The Natural Barber Co. it caught out hairline...I mean attention! Doh!

What's Eco' about it?!


First up, spot the plastic. There is none. We opted to buy a different brand of natural dishwasher tablets a few weeks ago, opened the box and each cube was wrapped up in single use plastic, like for what need?!! So it's good to see consistency. Big brands need to take note and do the same, don't give consumers an option, get rid of that single use plastic and push us into better choices, we're now seeing supermarkets encouraging customers bringing in their own bags for fruit and veg', didn't it use to be like this anyway with brown paper bags?! The metal containers would make handy little storage tins, might pass onto Mrs NITP for her trinkets although we're not sure how much she'll appreciate a picture of Zeus and Hades on the lids although this is a unisex product, just check out their model photos for confirmation.


Looking at their ingredients, it's an impressive and minimal list of natural products. The Zeus Pomade has only 5 ingredients including Shea Butter and Beeswax (probably the ingredient to divide vegans looking for some hair styling - beeswax is taken from the worker bees who use it to make the hive, we're not vegan so will leave this out there for you decide), the Hades Matte Paste has 8 ingredients again including Shea Butter but also some oils such as Sweet Almond Oil and something called Coco-Caprylate which is derived from coconut oil. To be this into perspective, the Fudge Urban range we adore has 23 ingredients...

Model hair or Lego hair?!


Hades Matte Paste


For it to be worth the conversion from other brands, it has to do the same job as good or better. We decided to start off the matt paste as that would be the closest out of the two products in the range to the texture of the fudge we've been using. First impressions on the scent weren't great for us, slightly bland but is that because it uses only the ingredients it needs whereas the mainstream brands we use focus more on smell? The texture is thick but turns very creamy into your hand, it feels like it would loose it's strength but it somehow doesn't. Our hair is quite thick (we're in a hibernation phase at the moment) but unlike other pastes we have used in the past, it's quite light on our hair without leaving a gel like shine. This would be personal preference but we like the thought of messing the hair around throughout the day if we had to.


Zeus Pomade


You notice straight away the pomade has a stronger aroma to it which could be to the 5 ingredients it consists of allowing the sweet almond oil to be more dominant in the wax. Waxes in the past have been a pain for us, often either too sticky or painful to use, pulling on hair or leaving a greasy residue which is why we usually divert to pastes or fudge for it's gentleness to our mop of hair! Again, the wax turns into a creamier texture when mixed in your fingers and is lighter than the paste. It's not overly strong so if you're looking for a fixed hold, it's not for you, the matte paste will do that better.

Is it worth the investment?


For it to be worth So there does seem to be a trend at the moment with eco' products when it comes to pricing where you need to pay a little more to be part of the difference. It's no different here and the pricing is on the premium side. Are you getting a premium product? I'd say it depends on your own hair type. For our thick barnet, it works. We like that we can mess it around or add a few drops of water to freshen it up, in fact, bed head the next day with either product works well for us funny enough! If you're looking for a sharp shine for short hair, it wouldn't be our recommendation. I would say though this tin would last a good while so if you know how much product you use daily/weekly, you could make it last. We also like the fact that crew over at The Natural Barber Co has a minimalist list of ingredients they use to conjure up their hair products. We have mixing lil NITP's diet with weaning and purees and it's with the purees we've noticed how basic and organic the food has been, the adult version of his meals have additives and preservatives which we probably don't need. The push for organic products across food, hygiene and beauty products is one worth investing in if you are in the 'Oasis' or Mod stage of hair length like us...