tenzing clean air tracker

Saturday 4th July 2020


How quiet were the roads during Lockdown? We commuted a few times to work and kept any rides outside local but it the peacefulness and freedom on the roads were a joy, it was just a shame it was in circumstances of the pandemic. Now, restrictions are easing, the roads have become considerably more busier so the app from Tenzing showing routes that lead to cleaner air is quite relevant...

The free ‘TENZING Clean Air Tracker‘ syncs with GPS fitness tracking app STRAVA and uses real-time Air Quality data​, provided by King’s College London, to give users a live Air Quality Score for their route.  The score automatically appears on the user’s STRAVA profile, allowing them to optimise their route and ​potentially cut life threatening pollution exposure by up to 50%​.  


The tracker also suggests alternative clean-air cycle routes for popular commuter journeys around London.

Cycling has seen a huge surge in popularity since lockdown, with millions taking advantage of the quiet roads. An estimated 1.3 million UK consumers have bought a bicycle in the last 3 months. Whilst, the UK bike market is expected to grow from £842m to £3bn by 2023. 

Tenzing Clean Air Tracker routes.png

But with the UK ‘coming out of hibernation’ and traffic now creeping back up to around 75% of pre-lockdown levels, cyclists are looking for less polluted and quieter cycling routes.


  • A new TFL study suggests that London is expected to see a rise in daily trips by bike from 700,000 to 7 million! 


  • Due to social distancing; less people are using public transport. Car use in the capital could double in the coming weeks, with a possible 200,000 cars entering Central London alone!


  • Before lockdown, there were 4.5 million car journeys a day across the capital and 60% of these were under 2.5 miles. A huge contributor to toxic emissions!


With that in mind, making air pollution visible is more important than ever; helping protect the lung health of people that are commuting or exercising by bike.