What do you get when you mash together an old school playground game with the pro cycling world? Pro Cycling Trumps don't just offer the cards, they do customised prints too where you can create your own categories...Sprint 99 anyone?!!

Grabbing that perfect action shot or footage takes a special camera. You can argue that GoPro has been the market leader for some time now so does their Hero7 range make you want to jump on the bike and find a downhill somewhere?! We were happy to find out...

Your usual bike lights not enough to enhance your safety on the roads? Thirsty too? Well The Orb combines both issues and our good friend Liam used his commutes in the city to put it to the test...

Bored of the usual mid-line handlebar mounts for your action camera? Well we're always looking for something quirky, let us introduce you to NUT-R...

Wheels are big business and you really are spoilt for choice. There is though one UK based brand which offers performance at a reasonable price...Gary Hayes sent his verdict on CES Sport and if their wheels perform as good as they look?!

Our first bike review and what a way to start with Evo2Max's Nebular R-9 equipped with 90mm rims and Di2 shifters, it just screams aero...we took it on a few tests culminating in racing the Red Bull Timelaps in Windsor Great Park, everybody heard/saw us coming!

We are a gaming society. The industry influences our lives every day right in front of our eyes. Introduce this concept to the world of the turbo trainer and you've got Zwift. With a core consisting of community and performance, is this what's going to replace those sweatfests in the garage and those base thumping spin classes?

Go anywhere virtually? An interesting concept to keep you virtually motivated and put purpose into logging those rides. We decided to ride to our own wedding (virtually of course otherwise there might not be a wedding!) see how we got on in our very own virtual mission!

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