cervelo lambo.jpg

Cervelo LE R5  -

Unless the lottery numbers come in this week, it's a pipe dream to own this limited edition R5... and it's in partnership with Lamborghini!


Fizik R4  -

When it comes to cycling shoes, you need to get it spot on. An uncomfortable fit will ruin a ride and may lead to other physical issues. When it comes to shoe porn, look no further than Fizik.


Pinarello 2021  -

So if I sell an organ, sell all my clothes and live on baked beans for the next year, I could afford one of Pinarello's 2021 collection, it'll be worth it won't it?!



Often, a bike will come along which will turn heads and keep them turned. The Superstrata is one of those machines. 3D printed and weighing as much as 2 water bottles, it might be en entry into the Bikeporn annual 2020...


sungod pace series

Need a freshen up in the shades department? SunGod have released their Pace Series to keep you looking cool for this Summer's rides...



Any brand or company venturing into sustainable manufacturing gets an extra dose of respect in our books. Dashel have done just that and have transferred the process into their children's range too!


halfords heated grips

So if drivers have the pleasure of heated seats, what do cyclists get?! Well, Halfords thought about it and they think the answer is heated handlebar grips...

chloe dygert.jpg

chloe dygert

Don't be jealous that you wasn't chosen because as a Wattbike ambassador, there's not many other cyclists you will find who puts out more wattage on those bikes than World TT Champion Chloe Dygert...

parcours strade.jpg

parcours strade

Finding the right set of wheels for your machine can be a bit of a minefield and it's become more difficult with another offering from Parcours with their mid-depth entry wheelset...the Strade

parcours alta.jpg

parcours alta

wahoo - sufferfest

muc-off valves

groupset guide

meander apparel

dogma f10.jpg

dogma f10

wahoo kickr climb

cervelo aspero


brompton apparel

brompton 9 streets

wattbike atom.jpg

wattbike atom



bike fit guide

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