You've had your pair, you've had your threesome, you've even been greedy and conquered the four, its time to complete your 5 a side selection by taking on this meany of a route!:


NITP Ride Breakdown:


0-10miles: Another start from Cobham, its a neutral town to begin most rides as it has easy access into the Surrey Hills. Venture off into Downside and the quiet lanes of Ockham. The first climb of the fivesome is a quiet climb just out of West Horsley on a road called Shere Rd. A long snakey lane leading you up to Green Dene. Caution, this is often a one lane track so be wary of the hidden corners. Your reward on this up and down climb is a descent down Combe Lane.


Polka Dot Challenge: Shere Rd, West Horsley, 3km, 14% max


10-20miles: Although it can be a busy road at times but the surface is good throughout and your're only staying on the a25 until you reach Hollow Lane just after Whitedown Lane (I can hear the phews!) but you're in for another sore bum as its another longish climb up towards supposedly the highest point in South East England, Leith Hill. Often the Tour of Britain pass through here on the Guildford stage and it would be suit a breakaway group as there is enough opportunity to pull out a gap (I'll take my Eurosport hat off!). Rest on the descent down through Ockley as you're about to tackle Leith Hill via another one of its 8 legs!


Polka Dot Challenge: Leith Hill Rd, Abinger, 3.8km, 9.6% max


20-30miles: Taken a gel? Had some electrolytes? Legs feel good?! Lets crack on! You literally loop under Leith to climb Broomehall Rd, a tricky climb with some bumps up in gradient. Once at the top, check out the nicely nestled pub in Coldharbour. Its a winding descent down to Dorking with a few 'scary' sections, watch for the rough patches and vehicles coming up the other way. Make your way through Dorking town centre where theres plenty of places for another stop. Rejoin the a25, not the nicest bit of road but it'll take you to a not so well known reverse of Box Hill, Pebble Hill by Betchworth Station (if you don't fancy this and we wouldn't blame you, take the cycle path up to Box, clim, turn around at the view point and enjoy the descent of the zig-zag road).


Polka Dot Challenge : Broomehall Rd, Ockley, 2.7km, 24% max


Polka Dot Challenge : Pebble Hill, Betchworth, 2.4km, 21% max


30-40miles: Be warned, the road will drag onto until you reach the lookout at the top of Box, treat yourself to a cake at the National Trust Cafe or enjoy the smooth descent down through the hairpins, the speed bumps might slow you down but enjoy the views as you cruise to your next climb which is not a nice one. Stick to the cycle path of the a24 and turn off into Ascombe Rd. Drop in to Bikes Direct before your climb for a coffee and a chat over their new gear or knuckle down and smash the hardest climb of the 5, Ranmore Rd.


Polka Dot Challenge: Ranmore Rd, Dorking, 1.8km, 19% max


40-50miles: Climbing over! Its now time to enjoy the run back to Cobham. In our opinion, the smoothest descent in the area, hit the drops through Effingham and turn back towards Cobham. The slight decline in gradient will egg you on to give it full gas towards the end. Once back in Cobham, find the Secret Garden for a quaint spot for a coffee and cake.