Brownlee Brothers visit Soreen’s bakery

Thursday 26th October 2017

Who doesn't love a little slice of cake?! These days though most of us are looking for healthier alternatives so much so, we won't be surprised if we see a stick of celery out of the back of someone's jersey! For the time being, Soreen has being making malt loaf based cakes and snacks and if it's good enough for the Brownlee brothers, can't do no harm for us can it?!


Olympic triathletes, the Brownlee Brothers, take a tour of Soreen’s Manchester-based bakery to learn more about the secret ingredient that makes malt loaves so squidgy. The brothers are firm fans of Soreen’s squidgy energy, and the product’s role in fuelling exercise and active adventure by providing healthier, tasty snacks for people on the move.


Over the last few years, Soreen has supported the Brownlee Brothers’ Foundation, which aims to get children active in local communities, by providing delicious products to their children’s triathlon events. Soreen has now launched Malt Loaf Bars to meet the demand for high energy snacks for adults on the move. At 124 kcals per bar, the malt loaf bar is a great source of tasty energy and low in fat, perfect for training and endurance sports. Available in individually wrapped bars, the new malt loaf bar is a convenient, healthier alternative to refuel without relying on sugary chocolate bars.


Alistair Brownlee explains: "What you eat whilst training is really important and eating the right things isn't rocket science. It is important to know what to eat and when. Soreen has high carbohydrates and low simple sugars which makes it the perfect snack for a burst of energy and lasts throughout the time you are training."


Using Soreen’s beloved original malt loaf recipe, the new format makes it available as a ‘snack bar’ to enjoy on the go. The new Malt Loaf Bar is  moist and squidgy just as it is – no need for butter, and can be found in ASDA, Co-op , Sainsbury’s, WHSmith and Booths stores across the UK at the RRP of 75p.

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