Banana Bars

£5.99 for 5

A world issue at the moment is all about food wastage. We do try to instil this critical ideology into our own lifestyle, there's people it the world who have next to nothing when it comes to food and if we are throwing food away which can be salvaged, it's just not morally right. Snact has taken this immoral choice some of us take and has turned those brownish bananas no one really fancies eaten into a range of some very interesting flavoured bars. We took a few nibbles...

Apple & Cinnamon

For those who don't know, we are a teacher by trade and teachers know when it gets to break times, it's coffee time. But for us and mostly because we don't drink coffee, we opt for a piece of fruit or a granola bake of some sort. So we thought the first try out of Snact should be when we need it most in our day job. Nothing to do with the bar really but the packaging is a little difficult to open. We was thinking if this was a ride, we would have trouble ripping it open. We think it's because to keep the bar as fresh as possible, remember the bananas that have been used are very ripe and with all food, it will eventually go off. The bars are quite soft (no surprise there stupid, it's bananas!) and the cinammon gives off a whiff. You must be thinking an apple flavoured banana bar? What's next, an orange flavoured strawberry?! For those who know their baking, banana makes for a great combining agent so the for the vegans out there, this is right up your street. Cinnamon is not our favourite ingredient, we think Christmas time but it's not overwhelming here, it blends really well with the apple and did make for a delicious pick me up. The energy from the natural sugars thanks to the whole banana you have saved from the trash kept us going until lunch. What a lovely little bar, it made us keen to try the other two in the range.

Beetroot and Cacao

It was time to take them out with us on a ride and we had a cold ride planned in the Chilterns with Nick, Chris and Jamie. We took a few gels with us too but in this weather you don't really want to be waffling down a cold gel but rather something a bit homely/a baked snack instead. We had just finished climbing the steep climb of Kop and it would be another hour until a nice warm mocha at the Barn in Turville Heath, So as the others opted to climb Kop's sister Whiteleaf, we took the opportunity to fuel up.

We've tried a bit of beetroot before with the Beetroot bars and it's a required taste. Behind the beetroot, you get the essence of the cacao but it's the beetroot which is dominant. We weren't really a fan to be honest, it's down to personal preference because if we had the Apple and Cinnamon bar, the whole bar would of been gone instead of being wrapped up early to be taken back home.

Carrot and Spice

Last appropriate test would be to see how this bar would fuel me home. Sometimes depending on what sort of day teaching has thrown at us, we try to take a longer route home but being based just above Heathrow, it's hard to find a cycle friendly route home unless the airport kindly lets me race the planes on the runway!

Last bar to try was the carrot and spice. We've grown to enjoy a bit of carrot, it makes for a great addition in stir fries and rice dishes. Thrown into a bar and this may shock you, we've never tried carrot cake but assume this is what it taste like. The spices compliment the carrot well, not overwhelming but there if you know what we mean. In terms of ride and it helped that the wind died down too, but we didn't feel bloated on the ride home and the extra 45 minutes on the bike was just enough for the bar to do it's job.


Back to the wastage issue and you're wondering why there are not more brands taking advantage of our throwaways which are still clearly good for human consumption?! These bars have even made an effect on our lifestyle, just today, we stuck some old apples on the bush in the garden for the birds and critters, there's no excuse for any of us not to reuse our food for either ourselves or to donate the animal world. The flavours themselves work well (the beetroot is personally not our favourite) with the apple flavoured bar the one we would happily buy a box of. The only question we have is what stopping us all making our own banana bars? Nothing really but if you don't know your flavours like Snact do, maybe invest in them before trying your own Bake Off challenge!