skin salvation

30ml £7.99

It's an issue that probably affects most cyclists, male and female, and when not treated properly, it can turn really painful to a point where you'll give up sitting down and pedal standing up for your whole journey! We are of course talking about saddle sores! There are ways to prevent a nasty sore from popping his head up out of your skin such as decent chamois pads, comfy seat and riding position where a bike fit may help, it's usually the friction from the skin and the material of the pads which are the cause but obviously being hygienic down that in that area helps too. We rarely go cycling without using chamois cream. We have a been a big fan of the Assos offering but recently have moved over to Muc-Off's own version just as you get more for your buck as I go through the stuff like Nutella (believe me, you don't want to get chamois cream and Nutella mixed up, ruins your toast!). Balmonds (formally Pure Potions) got in touch to see if they could muscle in on the market too but as you'll find out, it served much more of a purpose than just a saddle sore healer...!

Cat Got The Cream?

So what do you want in a chamois cream? For it to smell nice? Well unless you're into your love life, it's probably not the most important factor but then again, you don't want a funky smell wafting north as you're riding. This little tub of pasty cream has little fragrance to it unlike the Assos stuff which has a distinctive beauty smell. Easy to rub on? For sure, we've used Sudocrem in the past and as we're experiencing with lil' notinthepeloton at the moment, it's concrete in comparison! The Skin Salvation cream is more of a thick paste which blends well into the skin, there's no excess and dries into the skin quickly but you do question have I put enough in there to last my ride or at least until I can top up again? What's it made from? Well this is where Balmonds have pulled their sleeves up in the lab or shall we say in the forest of nature as this little offering is 100% natural including ingredients such as hemp (which we use in our beard oils so we know how good hemp can be) and chamomile. 

Smooth As Silk Or Itch Like A...?!

So as we were waiting on little man arriving (he's now here and feeding like crazy!), sitting static on a bike chasing down virtual riders in Watopia is going to be sore so we thought these indoor sessions would give us the best opportunity to put the ointment to the test. You hardly notice it's there on your skin down below, that did make us a little sceptical because our usual Muc-Off cream is much more moist in comparison. Suppose it depends on how your skin reacts to creams and how you want to feel down below whilst riding. Our indoor sessions were roughly an hour at a time, gave us enough time to put in a good 20 miles or so on the trainer and build up a sweat all over. Because the cream had soaked in quite quickly, we were waiting on a few phases of becoming uncomfortable but seemed it soaked up any sweat which was building around the friction areas. Having said that, we were quite dry afterwards so if we were on the bike for more than an hour, we would probably either need a top up or prepare for a few grimaces of pain.


A Turn For The...

We were sent a few tubs to try out and we were planning to dish them out to some of our good pals we ride with to see what they thought of Skin Salvation as a chamois cream but we were made aware of two people very close to us who were in more of a dying need of some 'skin salvation'. Mrs Notinthepeloton and without to go into detail as it's an experience which has made me realise men actually don't know what real pain is (we don't, not after what I witnessed!), had to undergo a cesarean delivery for our little boy to come into the world. The recovery includes very careful treatment of the wound made on the stomach and she asked if she could use some of the Skin Salvation to bring down the irritation. She reported back positive news that it had reduced the swelling and made it easier for her to sit up and move around as there was less friction on the skin.


Another close person to us in our life is our good bro' who has been suffering from a skin condition for the past year or so and has tried many different treatments to bring it under control. 


"As moisturising creams go I've tried dermol cream & centraben. When using the cream, compared to others it isn't itchy, it's also good as it isn't visible so you can put it on before work and it looks like any other cream, i suffer from Psoriasis and break outs are around my beard area, therefore using pure potions skin salvation helped reduce redness to a minimum".

"Price wise it is worth the investment compared to other things you’ve tried... Compared to the other moisturisers that i've used it fairs up pretty high on the board, all around the same price, the only difference is the size, but again, you don't need to do use too much of the PurePotions, it spreads rather thinly, i wouldn't use this daily though, i'd take a break each day to let the skin relax, someone in my case may want to do the same as sometimes your skin feels like it's got layers of product on".


We came into this review testing it out as a chamois cream but came out of it finding a product with strong healing qualities for a range of conditions. Although it did help with shorter rides with saddle sores, it's more of a treatment cream rather than a prevention. For the price, it is a small amount compared to other creams you could purchase, the Muc-Off we are currently using retails at £11.99 for a 250ml tub. But it's natural healing properties makes it worth the investment, just ask my bro' and Mrs Notinthepeloton...