XMAS wish list 2020

Don't think it needs to be said that 2020 has been a torrid year for the world. For us personally, we also had the pleasure of dealing with a painful back injury. So you could say Christmas this year is definitely an opportunity to try to lift people's spirits where you can. 2020 has hit everyone in a different way so if you're unsure what to get the cyclist in your life, take a look at our own wish list...

Small Bizz

The cycling community is full of them and it's probably more important now and never to keep them afloat. That's not to say don't shop around but do check out their range and prices before you decide where to spend your money because your purchase could make a difference to a hard working family behind the brand. Our personal choices are:

- Attacus Cycling

Very well known in the UK cycling community and they produce the kit for the InternationElles. Well priced too and if you're lucky, you might find a bargain in their Last Chance sale.

- Victory Chimp

Based in Mrs NITP home country, they will be on Santa's nice list this year as they ran a scheme where each mask brought, they donated one to a key worker which we helped my school during the ongoing pandemic. They took also have an archive sale going on at the moment. Designs are monkey based but if you're looking for some funk in your clothing, this is your brand.

- Blackmore

From monkeys to ducks. Based in Essex, we've always been envy of their kits. Again, well priced in the independent market so you'll get good value for money. Forgot to mention too that they sell their own coffee? Is that not the cyclist's dream?

- Big Bobble Hats

Mrs NITP and myself both have one each and they are diamond in the Winter weather and the range in their selection is impressive. Go Belgie or Worlds, your ears will thank you for it! Only £20!

- Pongo

Socks. Every cyclist needs a lot of pairs and you're spoilt for choice here big time. Polka dots, stripes or just a fresh pink pair, we will take all 3 thanks!

- The Handmade Cyclist

Grab a very well designed print with a bit of stylish clothing for the cyclist you love. We reviewed their Summer kit which they collaborated with Craft and the quality is well worth the investment.

Food and Cafes

It would take us all night to trawl through all the cycling stops throughout the country so if you know somewhere which could do with a plug, add it onto our post on our social media and we will make sure to pick it up. But here's some of our recommendations if not purchasing an online product, maybe treat them to a coffee and a cake:

- Giro Cafe

A very very popular stop with the Surrey inbound/outbound cyclists. We can really recommend their hot chocolate (we're not coffee drinkers - it's allowed!). They have a range of products from their coffee to their kit so buy a jersey with a cuppa...

- LookMumNoHands

Confession. We have never had the opportunity to ride out that way or been near LMNH but it's something we need to do before the day arrives where we have to give up the wheels. Again, treat someone or yourself to kit, coffee or bum butter! Not lying!

- Cinammon Cafe

These guys and girls at CC have been stars over the Summer delivering and parking up their van so people could still access their famous Cinammon buns. Buns runs weren't the same this year but it's a massive favourite for cyclists from all disciplines. Buy their coffee or treat someone to a bun!

- Veloforte

Nothing has come even close to a cake bar like Veloforte. Think that says it all so fill your boots.


Although these do come close especially their limited edition Winter range which is basically mulled wine in a bar! Massive range and you can even build your own box!!!


Clothing and coffee not tempting your bank card? What about these offerings. If you can't find anything here, is the person you're buying for really a cyclist?!

Cycling Monopoly

- Only released in Belgium at the moment, we couldn't find it anywhere for sale so if you manage to get your hands on one of these rare gems, you will be the King/Queen of Christmas. Wonder if David at Dirty Wknd has managed to blag one?!

- Simon Warren: Ride Britain

The man behind 100climbs has put together a cracking and challenging range of routes from across the UK. We just need to know what kind of badge is on offer if you complete them all?!

- Pro Cycling Trumps

Every year, we recommend PCT because every year, there's a new pack of cyclists to collect. Plus, if you're looking for a personalised print, they'll happily create one with customised stats. Lil NITP has a sleep score of 80. We know, nothing to do with cycling, just putting it out there!

- Veloskin

We were low on chamois cream recently and finally caved in and tried out Veloskin. We were a bit slow to realise but the orange colouring of their logo and packaging represents the fresh orange smell for the cream. It is definitely one of the best chamois creams we have purchased (a blog is in the pipeline on chammy' creams).

- Target Velo

So another confession. Guilt levels increasing here. Mrs NITP had brought us a mini bike to build last Xmas and we still haven't built it! It's been sitting right under our noses but we just keep forgetting! But the quality is brilliant, the inner mechanic will love it so if they're into building and you want to keep them quiet for a bit on Xmas day, this will do the trick!

- Meglio

As we mentioned, it was a horrible Summer for us personally due to our back injury and we thankfully had a few things from Meglio sent our way to help us out. So if the cyclist you're buying for suffers from niggles, create a little physio/rehab bundle for them.

- Treedom

Not cycling specific but goes hand in hand in our world. Give the gift of planting a tree somewhere in the world. That person can then track it's growth, it's carbon consumption whilst also knowing their providing a living to the farmer growing their tree. What's not to love?! We currently have a Cacao tree in Cameroon and an African Fern Pine in Kenya.


If you can splash a little more cash without your bank account taking a bash but you wanna look a little flash, we've thrown some other ideas into the mash!

- Parcours

If you're wheel savvy and know what you're looking for, a brand new wheelset could do definitely make someone's Christmas day. Be warned, you won't see them for the rest of the day because they'll be too busy fitting them onto their bike! Parcours are London based and offer a lovely and varied range. You can have your decals personalised too!

- Osprey

Osprey has been our go to bag for a long while. They are the swiss army knife of the rucksack world. The bags are great quality and you'll be finding compartments you didn't know you had years down the line! Well worthy present for the commuting or adventure cyclist.

- Fizik

Another idea where you kinda need to know what you're looking for as shoes are a personal thing. We adore Fiziks. Sleek stylish designs but they can be pricey. Best for slim feet but they really are great shoes.

- On: Running

Is your cyclist into a bit of running too? For style and performance, On are diamond. Gorgeous looking shoes with a massive range. Good enough for INEOS, good enough for you!

Now, there's plenty of other novelty items that you can choose to fill up someone's stocking. A pizza cutter (not a premium gift unfortunately!). Long handle hex keys or a new multi tool. A new bidon. Two new bidons. Their favourite cycling photo of the year turned into a jigsaw - another reason to get rid of them for a while of Xmas day!

Whatever you do choose to do this Xmas, choose happiness. Look after yourself and those around you. Everyone is going need to a pick me up so keep safe, value that quality time. 2021 is on the horizon. Join us for a better year, lil NITP will hopefully be on a balance bike by the end next December, we've heard there's a premium balance bike on the market. Who has £1,000 to lend me?!

Ben aka NITP