Sheephouse Lane,


This is not a climb we visit a lot for a number of reasons. Season depending, it's sometimes better if you take a fat bike up there. But the main reason is Sheephouse has a section where it literally defines the name of this climb, only sheep can climb it!

Before we introduce you to the hurt locker, the other 9/10ths of this ascent is actually a really quaint and enjoyable climb. Winding its way through the forest, often quiet with just walkers or off-roaders playing on the dirt tracks, come Summer time, it's worth the detour off the a25.

Turning into the climb from the Wotton Hatch, it's a gentle rise up but it's a single lane so do be wary of traffic flying in the opposite direction. It can be a little undulating but you'll know when you've hit it's steepest section because the road begins to snake but not so much you can not see what's coming up. Although short in length, the gradient does hit into the high teens so you might need to drop down a gear or two unless you've got legs like a mountain goat! 

Once you've crested the top, you can just roll straight on to conquer Leith Hill or like we like to do is throw a right into Friday Street where nestled away is Mill Pond and probablt the most hidden pub in the Surrey Hills making this climb the perfect Summer ascent with your mates!

Sheephouse Lane, Wotton RH5


Length: 3.4km


Average Gradient: 3.5%


Max. Gradient: 19%


KOM: 6.40


QOM: 8.19


NITP PB: 13.01


NITP Torture Score: 8/10


NITP Pedal Point: If you're a decent climber, you'll relish the early challenge Sheephouse throws at you. So you can either chose to power all the way through and grit those teeth when the lactic acid kicks in. Or like us, cruise up to the 'red' section, roll on through and find the pub!