Shaken Udder Milkshakes

£1.30 330ml Chocolush/Top Banana/Vanillalicious/Salted Caramel

Who doesn't love a milkshake?! We used to be a sucker for a Macdonalds strawberry one now and then after school but that stopped when we read a story describing how the milkshake machines were violated in a way where you get a little more protein then you paid for! Plus with the added sugars in beverages giving drinks such as milkshakes a bad rep', most people will avoid them and go for the water.
Nothing really can beat water. Our body is dependent on it and every survival show will tell you it's water first all the time when listing priorities. Recovery in exercise requires a different approach. The water lost needs to replaced over everything. We often suffer from a headache or two if we we don't hydrate enough on a ride. 'Every, little and often' is the motto when it comes to hydration. But our muscles crave a bit more than water. It needs the proteins and nutrients to repair and obviously grow in size so it can handle the increased stress and output you are asking it to produce. But who says you have to stick to those shakes marketed at the gym heads? If you are looking for a natural British made low sugar thick full flavoured milkshake, Shaken Udder could be it.
Developed in a selection of flavours all cheekily named (Chocolush, Top Banana, Vanillalicious and Salted Caramel), Shaken Udder pride themselves on being British produced made from domestic ingredients. We tried their Chocolush which breaks the British rule for a moment as it's made from Belgian Chocolate (don't think anyone would care here?!!). The milkshake is thick, no signs of any watery additions. The flavour is full and very chocolatey. High in calcium, there is no point in increasing muscle size if your bones and joints can't handle the added stresses too. Our bones become more brittle and vulnerable as we age so calcium is the mineral that should be ever present in our daily diets. This shake would make a good treat a couple of times a week if you're getting bored of your laboratory made shakes.


For flavour, you've got your money's worth. If you're looking for a high protein shake, this is possibly not the answer for you. What this shake will compensate for is a high volume of calcium which can not be devalued and will appeal to all those who are naughty and skip breakfast (tut tut!). The flavours in this range will appeal to the child into you and if you're pro Brexit, it's British made so maybe you can argue you're contributing in helping British businesses stabilise and move forward! It is more pricier than a pint of milk but who doesn't like a treat now and then?!