sam hodges

red bull timelaps

by notinthepeloton

Tuesday 17th October 2017

It's coming up fast. The Red Bull Timelaps, taking place in Windsor Great Park on the 28th-29th October, was on our to do list as soon as it was created. We've entered a team and to introduce you to our warriors for the 25hr event, we thought we'd throw together some questions so you can get to know the rider behind the bike. Second but never second (if you know what we mean!), it's Sam Hodges He's our racing pro' and the guy we're looking to breakaway. He's not a bad chef too but is he looking forward to spending a whole day with us?!


Now Chris doesn’t like the idea of riding this race all himself so….are YOU ready to ride for 25hrs (there’s no rule saying one rider can’t do all of it!) ?

Nice try but I’ll pass thanks. You’re going to have to do some work too Ben, sorry.


Let’s get serious, will we be seeing you at the front of the pack come 28th/29th October?

I’m guessing there will be a huge difference in ability between the top riders and those at the back of the pack. If heard of some very quick guys competing so I can’t see us being right on the front, but I’d like to be in the top third.


Apart from spending basically a day with us, is there anything that scares you about this race?

Nothing that scares me, but spending what will be about 28 hours in total at the event will definitely be the main challenge. Apart from that, I’m interested to see how busy the course will be during the race hope that the riding standards are up to scratch and that there are no serious incidents.


So being the member with the most racing experience, what strategies are you going to apply for this race? Obviously it’s a bit different than you’re used to but will there be times where you’ll be looking to get a lap up on others?

Being a smaller rider I do well by getting in behind the larger guys and saving energy. If I can find a quick group during my stint I’ll hopefully latch on and work with the group, before maybe putting the hammer down towards the end of my shift.. depending on how the legs feel of course!


Will this be the most challenging ride you’ve ever faced or do you feel well prepared for this race?

I’m sure the ride itself won’t be a problem. It’s going to be about 6 hours ride time in total, which isn’t too much. The challenge will come during the night when the tiredness is setting in and your senses are a bit all over the place. I can see that being a time when people start making mistakes and accidents happening.


Chris has already told us what he thinks of all of us. What do you think of your team mates?

Having ridden many hours and countless miles with Chris over the past year I can safely say that he will be the engine of the team. He’s a very strong rider; I think I’ve only seen him out of breath once since I’ve known him. (Hillingdon morning intervals Chris?) I’ve only ridden with Ali briefly on The One and remember him being a strong rider too. And as for you Ben, provided you’re fuelled correctly (Mars bars and roast dinners appear to be your thing) I’m sure you will throw in some sneaky attacks and big efforts on the day!


You’re a sprinter by nature but as a recent ride to Brighton and back showed, you will dabble in a bit in the endurance rides. Do you think this race will set off a new love for ultra-endurance events?

I’ve always preferred the shorter high intensity efforts over prolonged endurance exercise. Even before cycling, I was a sprinter at school and hated anything over 100m. Having said that, longer endurance rides should also be included in any serious cycling training plan. To be honest I’m looking at this event as a series of sprints anyway as we only plan to ride 1 hour intervals each. Go out, smash it for an hour, rest, smash it again, that’s the plan right?


Finally, how are you going to keep yourself entertained/focused when you’re not racing? Netflix or is it creating more vegan recipes?

I’m thinking of nipping home in between stints. Just call me if I’m needed, you’ve got my number.


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