Ribble Launches Endurance Model

Wednesday 4th January 2017

Ribble’s first carbon road disc brake bike, the Endurance, receives an overhaul for 2017. As the name suggests, the Ribble Endurance is a bike designed for covering long distances with the knowledge that its pilot will be spending long hours in the saddle.  Comfort is key; the Endurance does not disappoint providing a smooth ride.  ‘Endurance geometry’ is slightly more relaxed than might be found on one of Ribble’s all-out racing machines such as the R872 or Aero 883.  It is instead designed to lift the neck and relieve pressure on the rider’s lower back.


While the geometry has been designed to offer a more relaxed position on the bike, the wheelbase has been kept relatively short, allowing for a bike that handles well.


The updated frame features some significant modern touches that, despite being geared for longer hours, enables the Endurance to get you to the finish as soon as possible.  The most notable update to the naked eye is the addition of an aero seat tube and post, a subtle tweak that brings an aero flare without bringing the stiffness of a full aero road bike.

Also new for 2017 is the introduction of an asymmetric rear triangle.  The rear triangle has been reinforced differently on both sides for two reasons.  The first is to counteract the pressures exerted from the driveside, helping to optimise power transfer.


The other reason for this introduction is conversely not for speeding up, but instead, slowing down.  Disc brakes exert uneven loads on frames in comparison to centrally mounted traditional caliper brakes.  Both the frame and fork have to be engineered to sustain the loads put through them by the stresses generated under heavy braking load.


James Dove, Product and Brand Director for Ribble says: “The Endurance was a well-received model and an early adopter of disc brakes.  The latest version has been brought up to date as brake standards continue to develop and evolve; what we have now is the perfect companion for your long distance or sportive challenge.”


The Ribble Endurance is available to order now using Ribble’s Online Bikebuilder.  Prices start from £1099.


For more information on Ribble Cycles, please visit www.ribblecycles.co.uk  

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