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We used to be one for gels, always on the look out for multi-buys. We always thought that was the standard way of energising in cycling. But it soon dawned on us how much sugar there was in a lot of them and they started to get quite sickly. Criticise us if you want to but we rarely take food out on rides, our Daddy Bear size bowl of porridge often does the trick! 

But Revvies have an alternative to gels. A strip. It stimulated our interest...


First Impressions


I was expecting those sour strips you used to get in the penny sweet bags and we wasn't far off. Packed neatly into little pouches, you have a choice of 3 flavours: Cola Lemon Spark, Tropical Hit and Artic Blast. These pouches could fit neatly into your rear pockets or slide them into your jersey sleeves. Only thing I would say is that they are not that easy to open them on the move so it is definitely something to take before or during a rest break on a ride.



First up was the Tropical Hit. You think tropical, you mind will give you a fruit bowl containing mangoes, pineapples, melon, papaya and maybe some coconuts. This had more of a berry substance. Revvies suggest you don't chew the strips, you simply place them onto your tongue and let the dissolving happen at it's own speed. I felt the more I waited for this to happen, the more my mouth dried up. The strip became quite sticky and I had to chew it. The after taste was very bitter, cherry type taste. Really did not like it. I was expecting Lilt but got Cherry Cola.

Lemon Cola next. A fresh twist perhaps? I didn't experience it. Flavour was a let down again. I wasn't blown away and actually had to spit it out. I tasted that bitter after taste again. Such disappointment because these little strips could be a big hit but I wasn't feeling it. Honestly, I wasn't up for giving the Artic Blast a go. I was a little scarred by the after taste, that's the main reason why I went off gels in the first place.




Honestly and we only write honestly, these have so much potential. I love the idea of these little strips replacing sugary gels. Revvies are sugar free and claim to be under 1 calorie per strip, that's pretty good.


The tastes though was just not for us. Big let down in a way, it gave us a flashback of a mint gel on a sportive we completed years ago but it tasted like the aftermath of a roast dinner. Not what you want to be tasting tackling some hills.

If the strips were better tasting, it would be a big recommendation from us to to replace your gels. Try them for yourself by all means but for the time being, we will stick with our granola bars and fuelling of porridge.