revolve 24 2018

15th/16th September 2018

Brands Hatch

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Thursday 13th September 2018

We're back at it again. The call of the test of endurance. Racing for one whole day. O why did we agree to something like this again?! Because we grab the opportunities in life, a chance to add something to the 'things to do before I die' list. We believe that life is there to be lived so when there's an opportunity to push yourself and see what you're really made of, that's living. Flying under the Dirty Wknd banner, myself, Chris D, Liam and Fraser will be egged (hopefully not literally!) on by DS David Bavin, we're all giving the infamous and established Revolve24 a good crack. Red Bull was good fun but we've all learnt something from the 25hr epic especially us so we posed some questions to the team to see if they're ready to get their legs 'Dirty'...!


Greetings gentlemen. It’s nearly upon us, 24hrs of pain in the day and the dark and we will start with the most important question of all… Are you going to be shaving your legs?

Fraser: Yes, I've sported the smooth leg look all summer, it might not make you faster but definitely makes it look like you are.

David (DS): I’m the DS (Directuer Sportif), so I’m not riding. No need for aero gains, no massage pain and zero chance of crashes so no road rash to worry about. But yes, of course I will be shaving my legs!

Liam: I shave my legs before every race! It’s all part of the ritual and somehow provides me with a psychological boost. Thankfully, I haven’t crashed yet but it’s also supposed to make dealing with road rash slightly less unpleasant.

Chris: Never!

Ben: Shaver is charging up as we speak, don't want to turn up with one leg done, what do I tell people? Please only overtake on my smooth side?!


Now for everyone apart from Liam, it’s another crack at an endurance race with the RedBull Timelaps last year being our first dive into the events like these. What have you learnt from Timelaps which you are looking to put into plan this time around at Revolve24?

F: Get more sleep. I can't have slept for much longer than an hour or two at timelaps, the free redbull definitely didn't help. Planning when to sleep is going to be as important as planning when to ride.

DS: As a veteran of the TimeLaps franchise (I’ve taken part in every single one so far) I feel I am the most qualified person in the country to DS this team to victory. Lessons I will be driving into our team will be as follows:

  1. Never, EVER, be on the front of a group. Ever!

  2. Find coffee

  3. If you get into a good group (ideally the leading one) stay in it and do a few more laps

  4. No faffing - always make sure everyone knows when they are out next and is ready to go at the right time

  5. Making sure none of the team go for an extra sleep in the back of a van… ;)

L: I’ve not done an event like Time Laps or Revolve24 before but I have completed an Ironman which was 11 hours of continuous work. For that, pacing and nutrition were key to making it to the finish line. Although the format is different at Revolve24, I think those things are important for any endurance event.

C: At the Time Laps event I learnt that the body definitely requires sleep so this time I'm planning to try and kip properly. I'm not sure what was my downfall last time, potentially a lot of adrenaline, but at least it will be helped this year by not having to arrive at the unsociable hour of 7am on the Saturday like we did at Time Laps. Riding at maximum effort for the first 2 sessions probably wasn't wise but it was fun - I can't say I won't do that this time. It's a race right? You get carried away sometimes... or rather I ended up sitting on the front a bit too long. This time I'll be looking to do a bit less work on the front and encourage groups to rotate more. At Time Laps it was very clear that finding a good group out on the road helps a lot but there were plenty of times where you found yourself between groups... do you slow down to hope a group catches up to you or speed up (significantly!) to try catch a group? Brands Hatch looks a little more open so hopefully it will be easier to spot groups to work in with. 

B: Think sleep was a killer for me, I made the mistake of oversleeping and hope I made up for it for doing a bigger turn in the early hours so I'm determined to control that. Think taking longer stints at night so people can get their heads down for a decent kip should be our approach, I don't mind taking longer turns, I'm good at pacing myself so can keep the miles ticking over whilst the others are sleeping. 


Give us a lowdown on your team mates. Who’s the secret weapon? Who’s most likely to get a mechanical? Who’s most likely to lead out the whole pack? Who’s going to be on the pit straight shouting out time gaps?!

F: Who’s most likely to get a mechanical? Ben, I seem to remember seeing Ben on two different bikes at timelaps last year, can't be sure but this definitely suggests some kind of mechanical. Who’s most likely to lead out the whole pack? Chris. The only photos of Chris from timelaps last year have him dragging round a group, might have to have a word! Who’s going to be on the pit straight shouting out time gaps?! What time gaps, isn't the plan enjoy hours of riding round tucked in a group, as Dirty Dave always says, ‘dirty faces win races’

DS: Fraser Duff - Team captain. GC & climbing machine. Will put in monster turns and possibly wrack up the most number of laps. Great in the night shift as well, as proved at Time Laps

Chris Desicatas - the workhorse. Will (much to the dismay of his DS) probably pull all the other teams around the track all day long.

Ben Ryan - The Sprinter - Possibility to set the fastest lap of the race. If not hoodwinking the other teams by deploying ‘left-field’ strategies. Like going to sleep in the back of a van!

Liam - The Wildcard! Unknown quantity with the power to break apart the race. That’s if his 808s don’t blow him off course first!

L: I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Fraser yet. Hopefully, he’s a machine that puts out 5+W/kg. Chris is a known strongman but is often criticised for doing too much work on the front and not flicking his elbow. His lack of shaved legs is an affront to cycling. Ben (aka notinthepeloton) has an impressive beard game and laughs in the face of the wind due to his extreme aerodynamics. I’m confident we can complete at least one lap each.

C: Liam - His bike is bright (bright bikes go faster right?!) and he weighs as much as a feather so he should shoot round the circuit. Recent racing experience should help him out tactically. 

Fraser - I don't know a lot about Fraser but he seemed to be flying around the circuit at time laps so fully expected to lead the whole pack out. I hear he's bringing the beers too! 

Ben - He's been getting ready for racing recently so I expect to see some engine power. Underestimates himself generally but I hear he's kindly registered for the overnight graveyard shift so I'm looking forward to a good sleep at night. Cheers mate! 

B: I've had the pleasure to ride with all these guys so on paper it's a strong team with a Jose Mourinho style DS backing us up! Fraser is a strong ox, he's a big guy but that's misleading, the guy is a good climber so think he'll do well on the lumps on the circuit. Liam is a pocket rocket, he will definitely be looking for quick wheels to jump on to, he has extensive racing experience so will be looking to him to pick out the right groups to stick to, he might be a good bet for fastest lap. But Chris is something else, I think he knows how good he is on a bike no matter what terrain. He loves to be 'notinthepeloton', likes to lead and think a lot of guys are going to find it hard to stay with him on his turns. Our DS is one determined and ambitious individual, the special one but also known as the dirty one, we can't let him down otherwise it could be pizza gate all over again...Wasn't that Fergie?!


So have you got a special kit for this event? Is there a superman outfit hidden away which will make an appearance?

F: Just the Dirty Wknd kit. Apart from that just being prepared for bad weather, although will be hoping it stays dry.

DS: The team will be wearing black. Obviously.

L: I’ll be wearing boring but dependable Rapha kit.

C: If I wear some hideous kit will the other teams stay well back and we'll win? Thought not. Special kit won't make me any faster so nothing special. I'll be bringing a good range though... it looks like it could be a bit nippy overnight! I'm expecting Ben to turn up dressed as a pro from his team of the month though. Maybe that would be a good thing? "I'm still knackered from the tour! Sit on the front will you?" 

B: I've booked myself in for my first proper race at Hillingdon at the end of October and treated myself to a nice little dhb kit to wear so I'll be sporting that but will be packing some warm nightwear including some overshoes, can't underestimate the feeling of cold toes!


Now some of us are established members of the n+1 club (Liam!), so give us the lowdown on your choice of machine for the day?

F: My stead for the race will be my Merida Scultura. Nothing flashy when compared to some of the bikes that will be on show at the weekend but will definitely up to the task.

DS: Iphone 6s - someone has to stand around updating Instagram story, or what’s the point of even doing it!

L: I will be riding my pink Bianchi Specialissima with Campag Record EPS. I’m swapping out the climbing wheels for the deeper Zipp 808s with the hope that I’ll save some Watts at times I can’t suck a wheel.

C: I am an established member of the n+1 club but all my bikes have differing functions... I spent plenty of time riding my mountain bike across the Downs last weekend so I think I'll give it a rest this week and deploy the road bike. It's been a bit of a workhorse but has treated me well. It's a Cube Agree with some 25k miles on the odometer. Nothing special but it's not all about the bike, right? 

B: The Planet X EC130 will making an appearance, we've given it a lot of practice over at Hillingdon in the summer and it's aero qualities have definitely helped so let's hope it does the business around Brands Hatch too.


In terms of food and hydration, what’s your superfood for the weekend or is it beans on toast?!

F: Lots of carbs, not fussy what form and some protein after I get off the bike to help with recovery. For hydration I'll be keeping simple and avoiding caffeine.

DS: The beauty of not actually riding is that you can eat of drink what you like. I’ll be looking after the team beer!

L: Red bull, Belvita chocolate chip soft bakes… and plenty of salbutamol. ;)

C: I'm no foodie so I don't have any major culinary musts for the event. I tend to stray away from energy products as much as I can but I might deploy the odd gel in the heat of the race. Otherwise I plan to fuel on plenty of carbs and the odd bit of protein. I'll certainly get tempted by the food vendors and likely purchase a few treats from there too. 

B: My fuelling regime at Timelaps was not bad, never went hungry really although I was dying for a decent cuppa! Gonna' pack some porridge this time round, always have it for breakfast before my commutes to work and it lasts me all the way through to mid-morning so it's my go to food if I'm looking for big mileage.


Obviously, nerves will kick in on the day, is there anything you’re afraid of or not looking forward to?

F: Having done a similar event last year I'm much more prepared as I know what I've got myself into. Actually really looking forward to it.

DS: It’s going to be a great day and the team are going to be brilliant. We may not win, but we’ll probably have the most fun taking part, so nothing to worry about.

L: Bombing it round an unlit track at night with a couple of urban-spec bike lights could be interesting. I’m mostly not looking forward to being cold between turns!

C: Not much really. I know kind of what to expect. It will be interesting to see how the course is as I've never even visited Brands Hatch. It looks flat when a motor vehicle is racing round it... I am a little afraid of failing to sleep again but hopefully I'll manage. 

B: The track is shorter than the one at Windsor Great Park but it's wider so I'm curious what overtaking is going to be like. The night turns are probably the ones I'm a little nervous about, hopefully the lights from the other riders will help luminate the track, don't want to end up in a tyre wall somewhere!


Let’s have a prediction, who’s going to cover more mileage for the team?

F: I'd like to think I'll be able to put in some good milage, but if we split the riding time evenly we should all cover a similar distance.

DS: Money would have to go on Fraser, but hopefully everyone gets a good crack at the whip all weekend.

L: Fraser is an unknown quantity so with the data I have, I will say Chris.

C: Seeing as Ben has registered for the full night shift on top of his regular shifts I suspect it will be Ben :) 

B: If it's anything like last time, Chris will want to stay out for longer to push the team on so I'll stick my money on him. Either way, I'm quietly confident about this team, I feel we know what we're in for and can probably prepare ourselves better for it. If we nail the sleep, we could give a could account of ourselves. Bring it on!


Final question and it’s really aimed at one person in particular, Chris, you riding there and back?!

F: Haha, I will probably ride there as I live in the south east of London anyway. Can't be so sure I'll ride back, see what the legs feel like.

DS: He better not be!!

L: No comment!

C: Haha. If I could get away with barely riding at the event then sure - it sounds a little easier anyway. I think I might have to deploy the team car for this event though... I wonder if they'll let me do a few cheeky laps in the car? 

B: I would not be surprised and I bet it has crossed his mind!