End to End  -

LEJOG/JOGLE has always been on our mind for the future. Reading Paul Jones personal account combined with well researched history around this amazing challenge just makes us want to do it tomorrow...!


Nurokor Mibody  -

Take it from us. If you're in pain thanks to an injury, give yourself some relief, it will do you a world of good. For this, you could try the very subtle device of the Nurokor Mibody?


Aftershokz Openmove  -

Looking for a wireless, sweat battling, bone conducting pair of headphones? We didn't know what that means either but Aftershokz believe they have the sound quality to keep you moving...


Buzzbike  -

Fancy getting into cycling but without all the maintenance hassle? Buzzbike offer a subscription style service to get you commuting or out and about!


Revvies  -

Sick of the gels? Well Revvies offer the same benefits but in a strip. Less than 1 calorie, sugar free. It's got a lot of potential...


Moma & KIND  -

We tried a new porridge range courtesy of Moma and KIND sent us over a limited edition Winter treat...