Hammerhead Karoo 2 

It's not always about Garmin and Wahoo, there is a 3rd option. An underdog. An unsung hero. A hammerhead...


End to End 

LEJOG/JOGLE has always been on our mind for the future. Reading Paul Jones personal account combined with well researched history around this amazing challenge just makes us want to do it tomorrow...!


Wash and Repel

Suffering from bad odour from your clothes? Or stained by the salts you're releasing from your rides? Grangers might have the right solution with their Wash and Repel...


Aftershokz Openmove 

Looking for a wireless, sweat battling, bone conducting pair of headphones? We didn't know what that means either but Aftershokz believe they have the sound quality to keep you moving...


Nopinz Pro-1 Skinsuit 

Looking for a high end racing suit with an aerodynamic edge? That's the Nopinz signature. Our good pal Chris Detsicas was sent a skinsuit to test out...


The Story of a Bike 

The Lotus bike. The bike which propelled Chris Boardman to Olympic glory. One man knows the whole story...