Ranmore Rd, Dorking

If this hill was a guest on the Jeremy Kyle Show, she would be the one with the tea stained dracula looking teeth wearing last nights Minions pjs with matching slippers introducing the world to a new language never heard before. In other words, she's a b.......!


Its a grind. It dips in and out of its gradient but it never quite lets up till you reach the common. Even just getting to the beginning of the road you have to wind your way up past Dorking West Station. Check into the guys at Bikes Direct UK for a gel or just to browse the wide range of bikes on offer if you need the pre-break.


When you past the dump (I apologise, the refuse and recycling centre, how poor English of me!) knuckle down because the first half of this climb is where the blood, sweat and tears will come. The climb itself is closed in by old flint walls which does give it a medieval feel. You'll feel a little envious of the riders descending because its a fun descent but only if its dry, in the wet, its a brake burner!


You'll catch a glimpse or two of Leith Hill on the left through the opening in the trees which might take your mind of the squares you're pedalling. Once you've reached the house on the common, its done and dusted. Kudos because whether you climb this or its chavvy sister Westhumble with its wicked hairpin, its safe to say most riders decide to descend it but not you, you're the guest who tells the Jeremy Kyle wannabe to get back in their cage and drink some more tea....which at weekends, you can purchase from the mobile van on the common!

Ranmore Rd, Dorking RH4


Length: 1.8km


Average Gradient: 6.7%


Max. Gradient: 15%


KOM: 4.14


QOM: 5.30


NITP PB: 7.44


NITP Torture Score: 8/10


NITP Pedal Point: Tale of two halves this one, the steeper gradient will hit you first so if you go all out, you'll be left to grind it all the way up. You'll find these evil spots in the slight bends, there's no real flats or let up points so set your mind for a good 5min+ climb. If its wet, be wary of the grime on the side and cars overtaking on both sides, some like to get ahead of the descending cyclists even though they will be hitting 30-40mph. Enjoy!