Common Rd, Westhumble

Single track lane, tough average gradient, evil hairpin (at the end of the climb of all places!), yep, this hill is not one to be underestimated.


This little terror of a climb is situated not far from Box Hill Station surrounded by some calm tranquil countryside all putting you in a false pretence of what this climb will demand of you! Although the gradient remains consistent throughout with no dips or bends in the road, it is the last section which will activate those lactic acid stores!


In the winter, this road can become grimey and mucky so be aware if you choose this time of year to tackle it. You will also often find a trail of stones and sticks smack down centre of the road from where the cars leave their tracks. These are also accompanied by pot holes or rough patches in the road surface so its not a climb easy to keep a smooth cadence on.


Once the road widens slightly and you can see the hairpin, its nearly over. But that small switchback has a 18% banking although your bike computer might tell you something different! The climb will continue for another 50m or so till the road opens up to the picturesque setting of the local church, only then can you start to recover and forget that painful slog you just overcame!


For beverage, not much at the top but if you want to descend back down or fuel up before the climb, check out the very bike friendly Pilgrim Cycles by the station who will fuel you up with a hot chocolate  (and coffee!) and some cycle chat.

Ranmore Common Rd, Westhumble, RH5


Length: 1.6km


Average Gradient: 7%


Max. Gradient: 18% (in the hairpin)


KOM: 3.47


QOM: 4.53


NITP PB: 6.43


NITP Torture Score: 8/10


NITP Pedal Point: Ease yourself into the climb and let yourself find a rhythm before you attack the hairpin. Be aware of the road surface as it can disrupt your pace. The hairpin might require you to get out of the saddle if you don't have enough in the legs to push round. Don't stop there though, elevation keeps on climbing till the woods open up!