Prune Hill, Egham

This is a pleasant find and not too challenging to put yourself off what else this area has to offer.


This hill actually has 6 different ways up and in terms of difficulty, this is the most achievable way. Situated a couple of minutes from Egham Station, this leafy road consists of 3 ramps. Road surface is good although it can get mucky in bad weather. Traffic is minimal on this lane but is used as a rat run so do keep checking for overtakes. 


This is a great hill to stay out of the saddle for as the gradient stays just under the threshold of pushing squares. Focus on keeping a cadence going and you're on for a decent climb. If you want to reward yourself, the descent down its sweeping corners is quite fun but that means you're at the bottom again and this hill's other ascents are a bit more spikey!


Once over the top, ride into rural Englefield Green for a beverage or ride onto Windsor for a Queens Tea. Also, look out for the RAF Memorial site located behind the mansions after Englefield Green, very moving and has a great look out over West London. 

Prune Hill, Egham, TW20


Length: 0.6km


Average Gradient: 6%


Max. Gradient: 13%


KOM: 1.00


QOM: 1.22


NITP PB: 1.38


NITP Torture Score: 6/10


NITP Pedal Point: It pays to go hard early on this climb, the gradient is consistent and the road surface is good enough that you don't need to look for those pot holes or roadkill you might find on other climbs. Compared to the Surrey Downs, its a relatively small climb but if you start too slow, you'll struggle to catch your 'ghost' self up!