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It began with protein shakes. Then it morphed into protein bars but maybe the game changer has arrived... protein balls. Now, there are recipes out there to make your own and it seems pretty simple. But if you haven't got the time or happy to shop around, the Protein Ball Co. has a massive range of flavours including a vegan range. We were happy to try them out but they also caught the eye of Mrs NITP...

First Impressions

If you invest in a starter box, you'll be treated to 10 different flavours of protein balls which we will give the lowdown on with the help of Mrs NITP. In the past, protein bars have been quite sickly or thick so that was our expectation...

Plant Peanut Butter

Mr NITP: You can't go wrong with peanut butter can you? Usually with plant based bars, they have a very plant texture (duh!) but this was smooth as a creme egg. If this tickled your fancy, the Protein Ball Co. do offer a vegan box.

Lemon & Pistachio

Mr NITP: THonestly, we've only come across lemon in energy gels and they can be refreshing. Happy to report it's the same here but anymore than 6 of these flavour, I think it could get a bit sickly but a nice addition to the range.

Goji & Coconut 

Mr NITP: This was a refeeshing combination of flavours. The fruitiness of the goji berry with the subtle nuttiness of the coconut. I wasn't expecting to like this but turned out to be one of my fav's!

Coconut & Macadamia 

Mrs NITP: These protein balls also had a nutty texture but it was subtle when compared to the peanut butter. I thought the flavours combined really well but my favourite has to go to the raspberry bag!

Blueberry Oat Muffin

Mrs NITP: Quite overpowering and somewhat perfume-y. It wasn't my favourite but don't get me wrong, I ate them all and it would be someone else's favourite. 

Coffee Oat Muffin

Rupa: Who's Rupa?! Well, Rupa is a good friend at school who at the exact moment I opened my packet of coffee flavoured protein balls, sent me over a protein bar of her own. Because I don't do coffee, I accepted the trade and sent her over the balls to try:

'Nice texture, bit of a crunch. Cake like texture, not too sweet. Really nice coffee balance, good portion. They leave you wanting more, I'm sold!'

Cacao & Orange

Mr NITP: Terry's Chocolate Orange springs to mind! Hands down, my ultimate favourite. Absolutely unreal. 

Raspberry Brownie

Mrs NITP: It was very different to anything I've had before. The raspberry flavour actually gave it a kick and the brownie gave it a smoother texture than the peanut butter balls.

Cherry Bakewell

Mr & Mrs NITP: This was a joint review - we both expected a strong tart flavour from the cherry but it was more of a berry subtleness and one of the surprise packages of the range.


Well this certainly was an enjoyable review in regards that we are a lot. But it was all good. Plant based so you're talking all natural ingredients and before you worry about protein intake etc. Plenty of protein provided thanks to the plants included as well as added vitamins such as B12, Vitamin C and D. You really don't miss any texture milk gives other animal based products with our personal favourite being the Cacao & Orange.

Our first impression for price we thought it seemed a bit pricey for 6 balls but researching around and asking Rupa and Mrs NITP what they would pay, it seems a price around £1.80 per bag is quite reasonable. You can get 15% off if you sign up to their newsletter. So there's only thing left to say... let me know when you make some new flavours!!!