pro cycling trumps


Set the scene, you're in the primary school playground. One group is smashing conkers, another is swapping shinies for their football sticker album and one group is shouting out random numbers... this is the Trumps group! Often associated with things like Star Wars Characters or sports stars, a game where if your score is higher than your opponents, you win their card. Well, Pro Cycling Trumps are your grown up version of this popular retro game and we had a few prints personalised for our own house hold...

The Cards

We first came across PCT at a bike show in Shoreditch a few years ago and loved the throwback concept of using pro riders and climbs as trump cards. They shout collectable status especially as packs are updated very year with a wider range now available; women, legends and classic riders. Even if you're playing against someone who is not a cycling fan, the competitive edge in trump cards always pulls them in, just make sure they return your cards at the end! Categories can vary a little between the packs but often you'll have the pick between skill points such as time trial, breakaways, classics, climbing, sprint and GC capability. The climbs are a little different with their categories covering aspects like elevation gained and length of climb, bit hard to compete with the Mont Ventoux card when you're holding Hardknott Pass in your hand, you'll have to chance it on the max gradient here...

Prices are very reasonable for the packs at £8 making them an ideal stocking filler or a great secret santa gift, yes, Christmas is coming! 

Customised Trump Card

Fancy turning yourself into a trump card? Yes you can do that on an A3 size print. You can even make up the categories if you wish just like we did with baby NITP although we were quite generous with the night sleeping and not enough on the grabbing, we have a few bald patches in our beard!

We've noticed PCT have even dived into the cyclo-cross discipline if you're into a bit of mud but whatever you're looking for, Jim and the others behind PCT are very accommodating. 


Value For Money

Oh yes! The trump cards are great collectables and handy to have on trips especially with your cycling buddies, just be wary of that 'stato' friend who might argue with the numbers! The customised prints are a great gift for a loved one, our own personal one is in our pain cave whereas lil NITP has his in his room, will need to update the print every few years though, just like his passport at the moment, he won't be looking like that for much longer!

So as far as gifts or tokens go, it's a very clever mash of an old school playground game combined with the heroes and heroines of our beloved cycling world. Anyone fancy a game? I'll be using my own customised print and I'll start...Sprint...82 lol!