Protein Bars

15 x £29.90

Natural ingredients is the topic at the mo' in the food industry. The rise of the food vegan is not one to ignore, we've been following our good pal Sam's Instagram which has inspired us to try a few veggie only meals. Obviously consuming dinner straight after a ride or fuelling at that lull in the day between breakfast and lunch is not ideal so that's where bars do come in handy. We've recently tried our hand at a bit of baking and do make a mean granola bar. But if cooking ain't your thing, The Primal Pantry have something ready for you and they are a loyal follower of plant based food, we tried out a few of their protein bars...

Mixed Berry

We had planned for the first bar to fuel us for a longer ride home after work but our belly was rumbling so much at break we think it was recorded on the richter scale. So we dived into the first offering. One thing we always like to see in a bar and granted it has nothing to do with the taste but an easy rip/tear off would be a great advantage to cyclists and runners on the go. The mixed berry bar is a mash of raspberries and goji berries with the gojis a source of just about everything in the periodic table! But this bar didn't have a berry/merry ending. I wasn't a fan of the dry texture and you can really taste the natural core of the recipe, the plant based ingredients gave it a farm taste feel. We couldn't really finish the bar and would hope the following flavours would overcome the plant bitterness on our palate. 

Cocoa Orange

Mild mid winter ride took us into a soft pot of ours, Windsor Great Park which turned out to be our scheduled fuel stop. Like we mentioned, we like to eat on the go but didn't want to flaff around trying to open the bar so we pitched up in The Village (no not the freaky film, a nestled community in the park including a cute little post office). We've actually made our own chocolate once when we were travelling in Central America so we are very aware as to how bitter natural cocoa can be. It's more of a coffee taste and it's only when plenty of sugars and milk is added do you get the Galaxy-esque sweetness. This bar had a nice balance of the cocao beans and the orange peel although we would love to see a bar overdo it on orange, you're always left wanting more with this citric fruit. The bar is light on the stomach and the second half of the ride went with ease, a thumbs up on the quick refuel.

Double Espresso

We don't do coffee (although we are prone to the odd mocha here and there!) so we offered this one to our vegan buddy Sam who wasted no time in scoffing it. He's a big fan of fuelling at the right points in his ride, his power output requires it and from what we could gather, he enjoyed the coffee aroma and was a fan of the natural based textures. If it was us, it would of been like leaving the last chocolate in the Roses tin!

Cocoa Brownie

We hoped we saved the best till' last. Just seeing the word brownie got us excited! We've been upping our mileage on our commute as of late, we keep getting envy of some of the others we ride with and want to make sure when the summer comes, our legs are ready for the challenges ahead. So after a long day at school (we teach, not a student!) and a fast but longer commute home, belly did that rumble thing again so we thought our last bar would be a good inbetweener before dinner. What a great bar! Great balance of flavours and even though the natural plant texture hadn't diminished, I felt I had gotten used to the dryness. The bar is not thick so you can forgive the lack of moisture but the flavour here is the winner....and so is the beard!


After a shaky start, The Primal Pantry managed to sneak in a win. It's plant like texture is definitely it's core and if that's ok on your palate, your next decision is what flavours to commit to. The berries and coffee wouldn't make it to our cupboard unfortunately but give us a box of the brownies any day! For a full natural bar packed with the good stuff, you can't really go wrong with the Primal bars.