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powered by pie

Thursday 4th February 2021


We're not all blessed with a pro's body but there is no shame in that. Wear what you want, just ride. That's the ethos behind Fat Lad At The Back who customer base is for the rider looking to size up in the apparel department. They've just released their most recent jersey 'Powered by Pie' reasonably priced at £54.99 from Fat Lad At The Back. If you really wanna' know, we're powered by a cheese and broccoli pie these days...!

The UK seems to have fallen in love with cycling! Although the increase of people getting into cycling has been on the incline since 1993 (https://www.cyclinguk.org/statistics), it seems the enforced lockdowns and health benefits following the COVID-19 outbreak have accelerated this trend. According to Sport England (https://indd.adobe.com/view/793b48d5-bbcd-4de3-a50f-11d241a506b3?red=a) 52% of adults felt it more important to be active throughout lockdown. The industry has seen a huge rise in cyclists with many of these being first-time riders and novices.


With the focus on exercise as something to do to pass the time, a way to make the most of our hour outside and a way to keep our immune system fighting off the nasties. Cycling has been the chosen form of exercise for many, even our Prime Minister has taken up cycling after his battle with the disease. After he exclaimed that he was in fact ‘too fat’, he then urged the UK to tackle the health crisis with cycling.

Fat Lad At The Back are a premium cycle wear brand that have challenged the stereotypes and have blazed the trail for more inclusive cycling communities. They have completely transformed the manufacture of cycling clothing to make it much more comfortable, form-fitting and flattering for every body. Following the acceleration of cycling throughout lockdown, they have seen a huge number of people joining their community and purchasing their gear. Many of them being novices without the stereotypical cyclist physique and struggling to find comfortable gear that fits them properly.

It’s a common notion that getting on that health kick means restricting your diet. Which isn’t necessarily true, it’s important that we stay properly fuelled whilst we exercise so we don’t burn out and become inconsistent. Alongside this many people have taken to using their increased time at home to lovingly create home-cooked meals like the infamous banana bread fad and especially warming pies throughout the winter lockdowns. Trying to recreate their favourite pub foods at home. The Fat Lad At The Back customer is passionate about pie with more more than a hundred people joining their debates around party lids and ketchup dunking. Following a 6% increase in pork pie sales during the UK’s lockdowns they thought what a better way to fuse the two together and create a place for the cyclist that wants smart and premium gear but doesn’t take themselves too seriously and loves a bit of pie!

Co-founder and Boss Lady, Lynn Bye says “Cycling doesn’t have to be so serious! We’ve cultivated a community that support and encourage each other no matter what level of ability, background, shape or size. Everything has been so serious for the last year, it’s about time we injected a little fun into something that’s really healthy for us. Because lets be honest, it’s all about balance”.

Fat Lad At The Back endeavor to create Cyclewear and influence a community of people to make healthier life choices by getting on a bike and out into nature but it doesn’t have to be so serious. Richard Bye, co-founder and Original Fat Lad says “If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s to appreciate the joys in life as much as we can and for us that’s having a good old Yorkshire giggle and a pie!”