POST revolve 24 2018

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Sunday 30th September 2018

It's been a couple of weeks now since the Dirty Wknd team took on the infamous Revolve24 at Brands Hatch. Fraser, Chris D, Liam and ourselves rode all day and all night to finish a very satisfactory 3rd overall. It did have it's low moments as you will find out but we all came out with our heads held high and possibly looking for more pain...you hearing us DS? We wanna' get more Dirty!


Now the dust has settled and you’ve caught up on sleep, how’s the legs?!

Fraser: Monday at work was a struggle, felt like a zombie. Fully recovered now though and back to my usual training, making the most of the last of the good weather before the winter turbo training starts.

Liam: No rest for the wicked. I was commuting to work the very next day!

Chris: Legs are good. One day off after the event and straight back into it :) 

Ben: They were empty, getting up and around took a lot of effort, is this what pension age feels like?!

So the team did well finishing 3rd overall and 2nd in category. Was this something you expected or did it come as a surprise where the boys eventually placed?


F: Honestly I didn't know what to expect, our team looked strong on paper but you never know what will happen on the day. The Onyx boys were on another level, luckily only one such team turned up!

L: I was surprised. I thought we performed very well but if there were more teams out there of the same calibre as Onyx RT we wouldn’t have stood a chance.

C: Not really. We had definitely entered it as a bit of fun but obviously we wanted place somewhat well. I think we all had expectations of "Maybe Top 10" but that soon changed once we saw our team name in position 2/3 a few times on the live rankings. We still had fun maintaining and improving the strength of our position. 

B: On paper barring ourselves, I knew we had a strong team. It all depended on what sort of teams were there and how others were approaching the race. Obviously those who did it for charity or had their own individual goal adopted a different mindset whereas we agreed to a plan/time schedule and tried to stick to it. Onyx were rapid, they were at Timelaps last year so seeing them on the start list already felt like a place lost and it ended up the only other team to beat us was a 6 person team so all in all, great result.

Let’s get the depressing stuff out the way. The night shifts… (this is where you continue the sentence! Lol!)

F: …were dark, in more ways than one. During my 2-3 stint I was seriously doubting our plan to pair up for two 4 hour blocks over night, who's idea was that anyway!? The relief I felt when turning into the pit lane and handing over to Ben was huge, knowing I was now off my bike until 9. After a ‘good’ rest I did feel much stronger for the rest of the event, so in some ways the night shift was a success.

L: …weren’t as bad as I was expecting. It’s amazing how well the human body can adapt and perform with such a small amount of rest. I only managed to get 2 hours sleep during the night shift but overall my performance was fairly consistent.

C: ... were dark and cold! In between night shifts was okay. I think I may have managed 1 hour of sleep at the event which far exceeded last year's attempt at the Red Bull Timelaps.

B: ...were horrific! Fraser and I had the first night shift whilst the other two went off to grab some kip. 2am ride wasn't too bad but I came in really hungry and wolfed down too much food. Coupled with my legs not having much left in them, the 4am hour was horrible. Felt sick, legs had no kick, I found it hard to hit any sort of speed anywhere, it wasn't a pretty hour!


We felt Revolve24 did we cater for most things that you would look for in a 24hr event. Was there anything missing that could of made the weekend a little extra special?

F: Having run the event for a few years, they have things well set up. The only thing was that I couldn't find a shower, I could have done with more than a splash of cold water on my face when I woke up in the morning, I did have a few coffees to make up for this though.

L: I think they could have put some more flood lighting at the base of the descents for health and safety. It was definitely easier to whip it round those corners during the day when you could actually see.

C: More groups to work with! It was almost 6 individual time trials spaced by couple of hours break. Not really the event's fault but would have expected more. Overall, there is not much the event could improve upon besides better initial signage and a shorter prize giving at the end. Oh, and how about some sort of prize for all podium positions? 

B: Holding this event at a motor circuit, there's not much you're missing. Food and drink vendors were decent (there was a bar!), there was even microwaves in the results room! We didn't take advantage of a shower (hope we didn't smell too bad!) but the others did struggle to find them. Probably a few more big signs to direct people, we nearly ended up back at the entrance to the track to sign on. I actually didn't find the night time too bad, it helped having a string of lights to follow in front of you but floodlights or some temporary cat eyes on the bends would of helped a few riders.

So the track, how did you find it? Did you master any parts of the course or did some climbs/corners make you want to pull your hair out?

F: I actually really liked the course, it was the wind that I hated. I felt it suited me, with the short punchy climbs. It was particularly nice when you reached the top of the course, the drop down onto the start finish straight gave you a chance to spin your legs out before the climbing started again.

L: After several laps I managed to find a good rhythm for dealing with the track and taking advantage of the wind direction. Generally, this was pushing harder up the climbs and with a tailwind whilst easing off into the headwinds and coasting the descents to recover.

C: I enjoyed it. While no part was flat it was always interesting. You knew there was a little lump or Druids around the corner that you'd need to negotiate. Druids I found acceptable, a couple of digs out of the saddle and you're on the way down the other side. I didn't enjoy Cooper Straight. It was inevitably a headwind every time and I'd see my speed drop down 5mph+ on what looked like a relatively flat section. Every time I just wanted it over especially when the wind picked up on Sunday morning. 

B: The one thing which did weigh us down a little at Timelaps was boredom of the circuit. Great Windsor Park is a great place to ride around, we prefer it over Richmond Park. Racing around it took it's toll though. We thought we'd have the same problem with Brands Hatch but maybe due to the it's surroundings and the fact the circuit was shorted than Timelaps, we never got bored. Druids did become a bit monotonous especially trying to find the right gear to find that your tiring legs will thank you for. But for every little rise was a fun downhill/flat straight after. Barrelling along the home straight at 30mph close to the pit wall was pretty fun.

Has the weekend made you get the itch for more 24hr fun?

F: Well…I was already signed up to do Red Bull Timelaps again this year, throwing in an extra hour just for some added ‘fun’. I'm definitely more prepared this time around.

L: It was not quite what I was expecting. I imagined it to be like 6 one-hour crits but it was more like 6 individual time-trials! The large differences in abilities meant it was hard to find groups to work with. I don’t think I will enter another event of this type.

C: Not in particular but I wouldn't mind a go at the Rad am Ring. 

B: Even though our body just craved our bed, we did have a sneak look as to what is out there. The Rad Am Ring at the Nurburgring sounds insane only because I remember playing Gran Turismo and it took ages just to complete one lap in a supercar, to ride one lap on a bike is a whole another level!


Give us the lowdown on your team mate’s performances. Did everyone pull their weight or did anyone over sleep?

F: Solid performances from all involved, no one overslept and every changeover went smoothly.Everyone pulled their weight, even if the odd lap was edging over the 8 min mark by the end. This didn't mater too much as we had a 3 lap buffer to the next team by this point.

L: The team all performed excellently. For a while it looked like we might be caught by our closest rivals but we kept cranking out consistent laps right to the end and kept our third place overall.

C: All really good. Everyone pulled their fair share and we worked well as a team. We had a routine going and kept it until the end. No dramas.

B: Put it this way, they all cracked 130miles over each of their 6hrs so what does that tell you?! Fraser was a machine, looked really focused when he was out there. Liam just looked sprightly every time it was his turn to go out, bet he was itching for a sprint showdown somewhere. Chris did what he does best and mostly love, just hunting people down, his laps were often the quickest out there on track. I felt like I did what I could, I would of loved to been as fast as the others, first couple of legs I covered good ground but I struggled performance wise in the night. If that longer rest hadn't come after m 4am ride, legs would of literally stopped!


Red Bull Timelaps v Revolve24… what would get your vote?

F: Currently I'd say Revolve24, although last year was the fist ever Timelaps and I expect it to be much better this year. Come back to me in a few weeks, although a line of gazebos is never going to top a pit lane.

L: Free Red Bull is a plus but being at the end of October is a HUGE minus. So I’d choose Revolve24.

C: Revolve. It's a little earlier in the year so it's got a better chance of good weather and overall the organisation seemed better (to be fair to Red Bull last year was their first event) but also the course... I'd take riding round Brands Hatch over my regular haunt of Windsor Great Park. 

B: There's a place for Timelaps. It's quirky, it's set in a great location, it's close action racing. But riding around a motor circuit and just having all your amenities looked after, we are more surprised why Revolve24 is not a year long round series at the other British motor circuits! Now how cool would that be?!


Final question, based on your Revolve24 performance, will you be negotiating a bonus from the DS in future races?!

F: After our performance I will be renegotiating my Timelaps contract. As interest has been shown from other teams I feel I am in a strong negotiating position. Coffee and cinnamon buns will definitely be involved.

L: I am a hired gun. If Dirty Wknd need a heavy hitter again they know who to call. ;)

C: Perhaps but I haven't received my bonus for this performance yet?!

B: Pleasure to ride for Dirty Wknd, think the others are ahead of me in terms of an improved contract, we will be happy with just making up the numbers!