Pitch Hill, Ewhurst

Ah leafy Ewhurst. Nice little village with the one pub on the corner promoting film nights for the locals but don't be surprised if the next showing is a horror about a local hill and its victims are forced to walk through the haunted forest pushing their bikes up the 17% gradient being laughed at other cyclists descending on the opposite side, the legend is true, this is the story of 'Pitch the B****'!


If you happened not to do the recon on this hill, then god have mercy on your soul. This is no lump you can cruise over. It's a grind for most of the way and it calls upon on the horsepower you have in reserve. If you go out too early on this climb, you'll get caught out because it kicks again a couple times more. You do need to watch out for some rough edges which doesn't help any cadence you're focusing to keep up. 


A cruel addition to this climb is a pub half way up spewing out the aromas of roast dinners (no thats not a fracking noise, thats youre belly rumbling!). Once you see the car park on your right, the end is in sight and thankfully the gradient eases allowing you to plough on if the legs aint jelly!


Try to enjoy the descent down Houndhouse although the surface is as rough as Mount Etna so just be wary when the road narrows at times to a single lane, you do get a minority of drivers who are impatient from both behind and in front of you. Treat yourself to a stop at The William Bray in Shere where their roasts and other refreshments are very well recommended in these parts.

Pitch Hill, Ewhurst GU6


Length: 1.6km


Average Gradient: 6.4%


Max. Gradient: 17.2%


KOM: 4.02


QOM: 4.56


NITP PB: 6.35


NITP Torture Score: 8.5/10


NITP Pedal Point: Focus on the first third of this climb as the gradient averages here at 14% for a while, what you save here will allow you to push on further up the climb. Do look out and if you can avoid the rough patches in the road, it might knock your cadence forcing you to exert energy you shouldn't need to.