Sunday 19th July 2020

Its dream list time. If we had a pick of any brand out there just for wishlist purposes, Pinarello would be up there no doubt. They've just released their collection for next year, you might want to count the coins, remortgage the house or sell an organ to make sure you can own one of these in 2021...

Dogma F12


The last edition of the iconic Pinarello Dogma family, unveiled at Tour de Yorkshire on 1st May 2019, the latest Dogma project confirmed the unique DNA evolution and the outstanding performances. The Dogma F12 introduces refined aerodynamic solutions while remaining true to the Pinarello Lab philosophy. The inimitable design is the natural evolution of the Dogma lines, incorporating new solutions to elevate performance and riding experience and emotion. Today you can choose from six additional finishes which will further amplify the style of your brand-new Dogma F12 and you can create your unique one on the Pinarello MyWay™ platform DOGMA F12 MY21 in the new design edition, is ready to provide you a new ride experience…. Visit the pinarello.com today to find your dream bike.




Pinarello is extremely excited to release a completely reengineered version of the Prince. First introduced in 1997, the original Pinarello Prince embodied the brand hunger to innovate, compete and win. Today, the Prince maintains that tradition of race-bred performance. The objective of the new Pinarello Prince project was to incorporate the outstanding ride experience made famous by the Dogma family, into this bike. To achieve this goal, we transferred the precision and details from our flagship bike, the Grand Tour winning Pinarello Dogma F12, to all of Prince bikes. Making pro tour winning design available to all who desire to enjoy.

• The perfect combination of comfort and performance

• The PRINCE provide exciting and responsive riding with that genuine Pinarello bike handling experience

Prince FX.jpg


The Paris an entry into the Pinarello family complements the elegant style and exclusive character of the brand. Created for all who seek to express their own riding personalities. The basis behind the Pinarello Paris project is the will to create a versatile and comfortable bike, that still maintains the famous Pinarello ride quality. We believe we have achieved this goal with an experienced design team and complete recreation of an endurance machine, enabling anyone to just jump on the bike and go…


• The perfect combination of aesthetics and support

• The PARIS provides exciting adventure and that Pinarello rideability