paguro messenger bag

Thursday 3rd June 2021

We're a rucksack rider, occasionally a musette if it's a short trip but prefer to lug our staff looking like a snail moving house. For the couriers and day trippers, Paguro's messenger bag might be up your street especially if you're looking for a more eco and sustainable way of spending your money with 75% of the bag being made of recycled bike tyres, innertubes and army tents. It's not cheap but we would love to see more brands take up the manufacturing option of recycled materials, anything that reduces waste is a tick in our book.

A vegan fashion brand has launched a new sustainable cycling bag and accessories collection in celebration of World Bicycle Day. Paguro Upcycle is a female-owned and run boutique fashion brand that uses innovative methods to upcycle materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

While cycling is growing in popularity around the world for commuting, fitness, and to explore the great outdoors, questions have been raised around the circular economy of cycling and its sustainability.

For instance, bike inner tubes and tyres are often not recycled, with up to 99% ending up in landfills where they will sit for years, slowly (if ever) decomposing. This is changing though, with new recycling and upcycling methods gaining momentum.

Paguro Upcycle has created a new collection that embraces the joy of cycling alongside sustainability. The practical Bradley Upcycled Bike Messenger Bag is ideal for commuters as it uses durable water resistant reclaimed materials including bike tyres, truck inner tubes, and military canvas.

There are two compartments within the bag, and it is padded to offer valuables, including laptops, extra protection. It can hold a 15-inch laptop and the straps are detachable and adjustable to ensure the perfect fit for each cyclist.

Alternatively, the Kenny Eco Bike Saddle Bag offers functionality and style. It is a compact bag designed to store essentials and valuables while cycling. It also features a quirky bike tyre valve to secure the bag.

Each item designed and sold by Paguro Upcycle is unique in appearance because of the materials used. As no two items are the same, customers can celebrate their individual style and embrace sustainable fashion choices.

Founder and Director, Yen Wei Goo, said: “I started this brand because I became disillusioned with the fashion industry and its lack of unique, affordable, sustainable fashion. What we’re now seeing is sustainability being embraced by individuals and brands across all industries. And cycling is no different. If uptake in the sport continues to increase - and I hope it does - the need for a sustainable circular cycling economy will become more pressing to reduce unnecessary waste,” she added.

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