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What's your trainer collection looking like? Or are you the flip-flop and socks style person?!  At a younger age, we were a sucker for a trainer which stood out from the walking crowd, even going as far as getting imported trainers that weren't available over here! Recently, we've stocked up our cupboard with trainers that just do a job but ON offered us a chance to rekindle our youth again with a trainer looking sleek and very tech...

First Impressions

O my! What a gorgeous pair of trainers! I had the luxury of choosing which colour to review and it took me a whole evening to decide, the range of colour combinations are...well...gorgeous! The blue demin I thought would be a great colour to try in a range of attire. We often teach PE at our school but now little little NITP has come along, we do a lot of walking.

The chassis is half way to a Nike Air Jordan with the foamed cushion outsole but they are so nice to look at, we just wanted to place them in a glass case somewhere and have them on display! Honestly, what a smart and sleek shoe to review.

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Out and About

A nice touch on the ON website is that it will give you a lowdown on what to expect on their range. The Cloud is a daily wear shoe best for urban exploration and travel. For me, that says durable with a sound level of comfort. Our local area would be a good first test as it consists of the concrete streets, commons and a nature reserve with some dusty trails. I was unsure about introducing them to any type of dirt due to immaculate condition they were in.

It could be first wear issues that you usually get with trainers but I felt early on the heel cut deep into me and I ended up sporting a pretty sore blister for the first walk. No plasters on me so it was the fold up the sock for extra padding approach to make the remainder of the walk as pain free as I could make it.

Next walk though I prepped for the same scenario by wearing some thick plasters (I doubled up!). I could feel the heel trying to dig in again, I do often check if I am buying footwear in person how padded and comfortable the heel is, it makes or breaks the shoe for me. Who wants to be limping around all day sporting a nifty pair of trainers but crying at the same time whilst you lose a pint of blood from your heel?! Too much?!

I was expecting quite a high level of comfort from the zero gravity foam but it's a firmer feel than expected. It felt more comfortable over stable ground, the trails had uneven surfaces and a change of terrain quite often. There is a lot of feel in the shoe though, the lightweight mesh allows for an all-round feel, complete opposite from a bulky boot feel. 


Asked us a few years ago if we would pay £120 for a pair of trainers and we would of probably laughed at the suggestion. Fast forward to 2020 and it's not really an extortionate price to pay for premium footwear. But is it value for money and that's always the question in our reviews.

If it was based on looks, we would like to shake the hands of the designing team, it really is a gorgeous range, you can not go wrong with the colour choices. These would go great with a pair of casual jeans as well as training wear when off the bike. Is it £120 worth of comfort? That I am unsure of. It could be that I chose the wrong foot size as I usually fit 8.5 or a 9, I chose the former. ON do state it's a 'snug, secure fit' so it might be it was too tight at the heel for my feet. However, a bit more padding at the heel would combat any blister issues, I am still wearing plasters just in fear of hopping around all day trying to avoid anymore loss of skin. So do bear sizing in mind.

You do need to look deeper into the Cloud and other footwear in ON's range. Take note of what they say the shoe is for, this is not a shoe for specific for running, you could try but you there are wiser choices either across ON or from another brand. It's a trainer for off the bike, casual wear, daily use whilst being catching on the eye at the same time. Just got to make sure little NITP doesn't use them for teething relief...