Wash and Repel

Suffering from bad odour from your clothes? Or stained by the salts you're releasing from your rides? Grangers might have the right solution with their Wash and Repel...



Sick of the gels? Well Revvies offer the same benefits but in a strip. Less than 1 calorie, sugar free. It's got a lot of potential...


Moma & KIND

We tried a new porridge range courtesy of Moma and KIND sent us over a limited edition Winter treat...

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protein ball co.

Your usual protein supplements come in form of shakes or chunky bars. But there's another offering. Protein in the form of balls and plant based? Can you hear that? That's our tummy rumbling!


love yourself

We live in a world where you can practically have anything delivered and a big business is food plans. Love Yourself sent us over a day trial of their performance plan and we got our knife and fork ready...


aduna energy bars

Knowing what you're putting in your body is key in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Aduna have released 3 new flavours to their range of energy bars to keep that ball moving...

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skin salvation

Sore skin can ruin a ride and lead to some serious implications, so getting the right cream for your body is crucial for smooth riding. Skin Salvation sent us over a jar to test out on our daily commutes and rides...

primal pantry.jpg

primal pantry

A bar fully plant based? Is that not the way it should be without all the added preservatives? Is the taste worth it though?



We passed the baton over to Mrs NITP for this review. An avid walker/runner, she was in a better position than us to put the ION8 bottle to the test...

Soccer Stadium

crisps v bars



beet it


Group of Road Bikers






for goodness shakes