We passed the baton over to Mrs NITP for this review. An avid walker/runner, she was in a better position than us to put the ION8 bottle to the test...

Going natural in our diet is being encouraged and rightly so, it's not just for ethical reasons but also nutritionally. Knowing what you're putting in your body is key in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Aduna have released 3 new flavours to their range of energy bars to keep that ball moving...

It's a sensitive issue but it can also be a painful one. Saddle sores is the thing we try to avoid most through prevention and decent chamois wear. Balmonds showed their hand and asked us to put their Skin Salvation to the test and the review took a different direction...

What do you look for in a protein bar? Something to make you feel like Popeye? Or something to turn you into a steam train?! We've put an established fighter of the nutritional world and another with some potential to knock them off the perch...it's fight night...it's Cliff v KIND...it's Protein Bar Battle!

As a tribute to the World Cup, we've put two healthy snacks head to head in a face off, fruit crisps versus fruit bars, which one deserves a place in your trophy cupboard?! 

Natural bars are fashion at the mo' and The Primal Pantry have a range of plant based protein bars aimed at the active lifestylists to test your tastebuds as well as your athletic performance.

We waste tons of food very year and it's not morally right. Snact has taken all those unwanted bananas and turned them into some healthy vegan bars.

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