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Sunday 22nd November 2020

We built up an arsenal of pain relief tools through our back injury trauma from tablets to rollers to a TENS machine. If you're going through an injury especially back pain, you do need a break from the pain. The mental stress it can put you under should not be underestimated, we've never been so low in our life and it can be hard to see the light through the dark tunnel. NuroKor has the Mitouch in their armour which they claim is just as good as having your own physiotherapist in your pocket...!

Backed by more than 40 Olympians and elite athletes, and designed to enhance physical performance and treat chronic pain and injuries, the NuroKor mitouch is like having a mini-physiotherapist in your pocket. 


A discreet wearable device, the mibody works by delivering bio-electrical pulses through the skin to block pain signals from travelling to the brain; they stimulate the body’s natural methods of muscle repair and inflammation reduction, and they also provide physiotherapy to relax muscles, improve circulation and speed up the natural recovery and rehabilitation processes. 


Ideal for anyone suffering from chronic pain, arthritis and niggling sports injuries, or those who want to improve their physical performance, encourage muscle stimulation and speed up recovery times after training. 


Price: £399