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Summer 2020. One to forget for many obvious reasons. It was also for us a torrid time due to our back injury. We went through so many pain relief options from Naproxen to yoga to eventually seeing an Osteopath. We've now finally managed to get to a point where we're now into strengthening rather than recovering. But if you're in constant pain via an injury or constant muscular niggles, there are short term pain options you can try. Nurokor got in touch because they believed they had a system which would manage pain levels through nerve stimulation. Honestly, we were sceptical because of our own education on how our back muscles functioned and what worked best for us but we wanted to give Nurokor a chance to sway us...

First Impressions


Packaged nicely, we were sent the Mibody to test out. A small portable device with 2 patches which you attach leads to. It sounds a little experimental, maybe a bit Black Mirror-ish but it's very small and subtle. Nurokor describes it as having a little physio in your pocket and they're not wrong. You can hide this thing pratically anywhere and it's not bulky so unless you wear a morph suit to work, any loose clothing will hide the Mibody with ease.

Instructions though I found a little hard to follow. I am not a fan of a beep coding system. This requires you to remember what each beeping code stands for. There's 6 modes so it's not Mastermind level of memory but if you're a first user and in a lot of pain, you just want to get the right program up and going so a bit of reading is required.




I wasn't too sure what I was expecting to be honest but this is where a comparison came in very handy. One of our pain relief options we were recommended during peak back agony was the use of a TENS machine. Usually geared towards pregnant women (Mrs NITP was recommended to use one), these devices are usually overlooked in sports rehab from our experience but it was a game changer. It gave us so much relief and the machine we purchased from a shop off Amazon had around 8 modes all with different intensities. It also came with different size patches which was handy if you had a bigger region of pain.

You need to attach the leads to the patches first on the Mibody. I was wary of this because with the TENS machine, we shocked ourselves a few times when the leads were pulled out or reinserted as the pulses were happening. The bigger button indicates the mode and the increase in intensity, handy when you can't see what you're doing on areas such as your back. 

Hearing a couple of beeps tell me I am in mode 2, the intensity is very light so a couple of touches on the + button and the stimulation increases. First thought was this is exactly how my TENS machine feels but the difference is that it's a third of the price. It's also to be noted that each mode lasts only 20mins whereas with my TENS machine you're in control of the time. On a bad day, I was lying on my bed for a good hour watching a boxset whilst my back was being 'massaged'. I say massaged because that's the feeling you get. Like the TENS, the Mibody stimulates the nerves so it feels like a wave of electrical pulses flowing over your muscle fibres. At first, it can be quite freaky and possibly a tad painful but once you buy into it, it really gives you a solid amount of pain relief.

My colleague at school Rupa was struggling with a muscle injury in her shoulder so offered the use of the Mibody to see what she thought. I think because she hasn't been a user of these devices before, she found it painful. On her working arm, Rupa commented that it was a nice feeling but unfortunately for this review, we need to focus on injured areas!



I'm going to be fair and give my verdict in 2 different ways. Blind and in hindsight.

If you offered me the Mibody at the beginning of my back injury, I would of thought I'm cured. It's pain relief packed into a small, subtle device which you can put on and take off with ease. £99 would of been a bargain compared to the amount of pain it managed to subside.

But I am very much aware of what's out there in terms of pain relief. My TENS machine which cost me £30 (and this was one of the most basic ones) does the exact same job. It does have it draw backs though. It's bulky because the patches go into a phone like device which you clip on and the leads can become really tangled. This often 'leads' to the leads being pulled out and you're wondering why you can only feel one patch working. 

If you sound sold on the Mibody, you're purchasing a very discreet device, it's very good in what it does. There are cheaper options out there though so you have to weigh up what you want for your money.