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sponsors virtual TT

Wednesday 25th November 2020

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Sweating whilst indoor cycling. You literally come off the bike dripping like Peter Andre under that waterfall! We do suffer from overheating and with that, comes dehydration thanks to the amount of fluid you're losing. You can try a fan or having the garage door open to embrace the Arctic blast. Or get yourself something from Nopinz. Their indoor Subzero kit comes with 'freeze pockets' to help regulate your body temperature. Well, if it puts you on the podium on a Zwift race, that's a marginal gain right there!

Nopinz SubZero is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the World Tactical Racing Leagues (WTRL) TTT Tournament held on the Zwift e-racing platform. The international championship will be held on the 26th of November across 9 different time zones. Teams of 4 to 8 racers in seven categories, from pro and elite levels to keen amateurs, will be up against the clock in Zwift’s virtual world, Watopia.

Blake Pond, CEO of Nopinz said, ‘This partnership is a perfect fit for our Nopinz SubZero kit range. The recently launched cycle kit is specifically tailored for e-racers who are looking to keep their body temperature lower and improve their indoor cycling performance. WTRL has established itself as one of the fastest-growing, progressive and capable race organisers on Zwift. This TTT Tournament is going to be a huge celebration of how popular e-cycling has become and we can’t wait to be part of it.’

For obvious reasons the UK has experienced a cycling boom this year, with indoor cycling and e-racing on Zwift being one of the main attractions. Zwift’s 380% year-on-year growth is matched by the WTRL-organised Zwift Racing League where participation records are being broken almost weekly. Tuesday 20th October saw 5,956 Racers from 1,112 teams in 106 countries participating in what is officially the world’s largest-ever team trial. The WTRL TTT Tournament is expected to eclipse this record.

More information and entry details to the upcoming TTT Tournament are available at