nightingale lane, richmond

If you're coming from central London, you probably enter Richmond Park from the Roehampton Gate and if you're coming from the Surrey/Middlesex side, Kingston or Richmond Gate are more likely to be your door to this popular cycling haven. The climb up to Richmond Gate though does have a few options, some harder than others and Nightingale Lane could be the short straw of the lot!

Found basically next to the river Thames, the entrance to this little devil can be easily missed from either direction so you've got to keep an eye out. It's a one way street and bringing good speed into it is crucial for a decent time but literally, it's all uphill from there. Once you hit the bend, it's a wall. It's only for a short time and although the max gradient according to Veloviewer is around 11%, you're probably hitting more at points but there's no let up. It's a 30 seconds to a minute of lactic pain! Time your full on kick for the bend and just hold it until your eyes are blurry! 

Our good buddy Sam Hodges can often be found training on this climb, don't think he has Everested it yet...just an idea! You can do a loop back round to the climb or you can roll back down to the lower end of Richmond/Sheen and come back up to Richmond Hill a different way, there's a few back roads ideal with a lesser gradient and also as quiet as Nightingale, if you're interested, check out Kings Road, we often take it as an alternate climb up to Richmond Hill. 

Nightingale Lane, Richmond, TW10


Length: 0.3km


Average Gradient: 10.5%


Max. Gradient: 11%


KOM: 0.26


QOM: 0.35


NITP PB: 0.54

NITP Torture Score: 8/10


NITP Pedal Point: Yes, it's short but it's a climb fully in the hurt zone. Do try to carry speed into the climb but be careful of selecting the right gear for the wall after the bend and just pedal hard!!!