Lakelander Gravel Grinder 

Looking for the ultimate gravel event in Ireland? Seems it can be found in Fermanagh in the form of the Lakelander Gravel Grinder. We caught up with Darren Tapp who knows the ride very well...


Ribble Ultra

3 years in the making and the Ribble Ultra range has offered some new innovations in bike design. Whatever your opinion is, this aggressive machine will certainly make waves in one way or another...


TdF Social Media Earners 

In the world of the influencers, top sports men and women use social media as a source for income. Raleigh has dived in to the analytics to find out potential earnings from the men's peloton...


Bora Ultra WTO

Pogacar is currently smashing the Tour. His Colnago bike has been fitted with some pretty sweet wheels along with an all Italian spec, happy to have it after you've done with it Tadej!

MN on Arc 2a on Lea Navigation in Hackney.jpg

London Cycle Orbital

London is hot on the cycle networks at the moment. Martin Nelson has taken the time and effort to create a 800mile network of arcs and spin offs to keep you Londoners pedalling!

Ed Clancy and the Hope Lotus track bike (1)-min.jpg

Hope/Lotus Tokyo 2021

Lotus has been the backbone of past successes on the track for team GB, the pressure is now on to deliver once again for the Tokyo 2021 track cyclists!