Osprey Trek Sponsorship  -

The Trek Factory Racing teams are suited and booted for 2021 with being kitted out with some nifty Osprey travel packs for those stage and race transitions.


Fat Lad At The Back  -

With their customer based focused on riders looking to size up in the apparel department, Fat Lad At The Back have released their latest jersey nicely titled 'Powered by Pie'!


Look E-765 Optimum  -

Stick an electric motor on a racing bike and you may split the room! But Look are offering their take on this divisive subject with the E-765 Optimum. Pricey but maybe worth the 'look'?!


Ribble / Drops - Le Col -

A cracking looking bike. A cracking looking kit. Surely it's going to be a potentially cracking season for the ladies at Drops - Le Col!


Crown Cruiser  -

We are on the side of the coin that whatever replaces journeys by car that can be a bit more eco-friendly, we're right behind and if e-bikes look as cool as the Rapture by Crown Cruiser, sign us up!

Nopinz SubZero_3.png

Nopinz TT  -

Overheating indoors can be a very wet experience. Nopinz Subzero range includes 'freeze pockets' - sounds neat. They're also sponsoring a virtual TT!

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