Bored of just seeing your mileage total rack up?! Dreaming of cycling to different places no matter where in the world it may be?! The average cyclist can't afford the plane tickets, bike box, accomodation, food and everything else which will make your bank balance look like it was a bad day at the races. Thats where comes in. This nifty little fitness tracking site (also available through app) allows you to create a journey virtually anywhere in the world to motivate you to get out on the bike, or throw the running shoes on, or jump in the nearest pond and swim or even row if you're an Oxford or Cambridge student.


Signing up is free and there is an option for a premium membership which gets you extras such as setting up a group mission so all your fitness buddies can contribute no matter how active or how lazy they are, all miles count! Once in, you can create a route using Google maps so you can opt to deviate from the motorways and dual carriageways and 'explore' the towns and villages on your route. Set your route duration and the site will work out the required mileage for you. You upload your data manually so it does require your honest elf to take over but each time a 'workout' is calculated into your mission, your tracking will be updated and you will be able to see yourself where abouts exactly on your route. Want to know what the area is like? Hit the Google Street View and you will be able to explore where your virtual self is.


notinthepeloton's virtual mission:


Get Me to the Church on Time!


Starting Location: Twickenham Stadium, Middlesex, England


Finishing Location: Downpatrick, Northern Ireland


Mileage: 552.7miles (weekends rides only for this mission)


Duration: 140 days


As I took the plunge and asked my other half to be my cycling widow...I mean wife! My mission is to make sure I can get to the church on time! In 140 days, over 500miles need to be covered and I have decided that only weekend rides will be counted. The great thing is here that if I don't make it to the church on time, I won't get in trouble with the soon to be Mrs notinthepeloton! So check back in each weekend to see where I am on my journey and if it has a virtual happy ending!


Leg 1: Twickenham to Weedon Bec

Sun' 13th March:


An 80miles today with @RouteSurreyUK completing the 'Surrey 4 Peaks Challenge'. Great route with 4 hills, 2 at the start in the form of Effingham and Box Hill, 2 at the end in the form of Pitch Hill and Combe Lane. Virtually, I have cut up through the Chilterns heading North towards Silverstone finishing up at Weedon Bec just outside Northampton.


Mileage remaining: 472.7

Leg 2: Weedon Bec to Birmingham


Sun' 20th March:


'Half a Dozen of Eg-Ham'; New route and a challenge to climb all 6 ways up Egham Hill, local hill with a few nice landmarks to keep the 'tourist' side to you interested. Virtually, I have dipped under Coventry and started to head more West, past the University of Warwick and just touching into the city borders of Birmingham.


Mileage remaining: 427.8

Leg 3: Birmingham to Upper Millichope

Sat' 27th March:


Testing out the new Michelin tyres and getting out before the weather changes, a 43miler around Uxbridge, Datchet and Chertsey with a great headwind home. Virtually, I am somewhere near the Welsh border and find myself on a lovely countryside climb in the middle of nowhere! We love cycling!


Mileage remaining: 384.8

Leg 4: Upper Millichope to Nant-y-dugoed

Sun' 10th April:


Spring has finally arrived which means the chance to risk finding new roads, first time up Epsom Downs and finding a new way up Headley. Virtually, I am now in Wales and about to enter Snowdonia National Park, elevation says 300m which is higher than any peak in the South East so my legs are 'virtually' starting to ache!


Mileage remaining: 327.5

Leg 5: Nant-y-dugoed to Caergeiliog

Sun' 17th April:


An epic Spring Classics cycle taking in some short but steep climbs around West Surrey with @RouteSurreyUK. Virtually I have conquered Snowdonia and I can now 'smell' the sea air and heading towards the ferry which will take me over to the land of the leprechauns!


Mileage remaining: 244.5

Leg 6: Caergeiliog to Irish Sea

Sun' 24th April:


A short spin around Richmond Park twice and a detour along the Thames to Hampton Court Palace, Spring is supposed to be here but its bitterly cold! Virtually, I have a problem! I am stuck in the middle of the Irish Sea pedaling as fast as I can to keep myself afloat!


Mileage remaining: 210.6

Leg 7: Irish Sea to Kinsealy

Sun' 8th May:


A tour around the lovely Great Windsor Park, plenty of sunshine and even spotted an old spitfire flying over! Virtually and thank god, I've crossed the Irish Sea and heading North up through the Republic, 70% through and looking on track for the wedding!


Mileage remaining: 160.6

Leg 8: Kinsealy to Dundalk

Sun' 15th May:


Climbing legs were tested with ascents of Staple Lane, Crocknorth, Leith Hill and Combe Lane, felt good and will build up the elevation in the forthcoming weeks in prep for 'The One' ride! Virtually, the end is near, very close to the border and its lovely to see a decent cycle path in Ireland!


Mileage remaining: 97.4

Leg 9: Dundalk to Hilltown

Sun' 22nd May:


6 climbs today in the Surrey hills in prep for 'The One' including Effingham, Box Hill, Westhumble, Coldharbour, Ranmore Rd and Green Dene. Virtually, I have literally just cycled past the church and theres no one here! Next ride should see me at the Mill our reception venue so there better be a glass of champers waiting for me!


Mileage remaining: 27.2

Leg 10: Hilltown to The Mill

Sun' 5th June:


Hosted a @DirtyWknd ride today, a 70 mile loop from Richmond Park to Windsor with a great bunch of riders taking in the leafy and rich suburbs of Berkshire! Virtually, I have smashed it! With just under 2 months to go, I have made it and what a beautiful venue. Now.....where is everybody?!


Mileage remaining: 0