Call us boring but we don't mind. We have porridge for breakfast religiously and no, we don't add any toppings! We tried a bit of grated carrot with a touch of cinnamon and it was ok but we missed our sprinkle of sugar. 

Moma sent us their range of porridges to spice things up in the kitchen along with a couple of cartons of their plant milk to help me make the full transition away from dairy. Did it work?...

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We've come across KIND bars before and they're solid in all departments. Christmas is here and they've released a limited edition Winter bar. Does it taste as good as it looks?...

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First Impressions


Never heard of Moma but I definitely do now! 5 flavours to choose from:

- Apple, date and caramel

- Coconut and chia

- Raspberry, chia and pumpkin

- Almond butter and salted caramel

- Peanut butter and maple syrup

Each box comes with 7 sachets. I was a little worried I would finish the box in one sitting only because my own porridge portions are fit for a giant! The flavours though sounded like a great mix of sweetness and fruits, even Mrs NITP had her eyes locked on them.


Let us give you a quick introduction to KIND. Pure nut based bars. Chunky is there signature but you get a quality bite. If you do have some loose teeth, best to avoid though! This time round, they've thrown some Winter flavour in to a limited range thanks to the apples and almonds. A box of 12 will set you back £18 which works out £1.50 per bar, bang in the market of rival bars and brands. 

Taste Test


I did have to use a few sachets for my first bowl, I was hungry! First up was the maple syrup, wanted to start as close to my usual bland porridge. I also added the Moma plant milk too to see what the fuss was about. Maybe it was me but the plant based milk made the porridge a more jelly based texture. Sam Hodges told me off for putting it in the microwave instead of on the hob. Ain't nobody got time for that?! 

Oats were much bigger than your standard supermarket brands. It really is thick and you taste everything. You can really tell a lot of thought went into the taste aspect. But although I like my porridge thick, it was tough going in terms of chewing. Are you supposed to chew porridge?!


Next up, was the Raspberry. Opening up the sachet, you're blown away by a scent explosion. You can trust the quality in Moma, if porridge can smell like this, what have I been doing all these years?! I decided to try this one with dairy milk though, I wanted to see if the jelly type texture was just due to the milk and it seemed so. Again, I microwave my porridge so that could be a cause. But it's still a hard chew, it's chunky. The oats of my usual brand kinda melt away where Moma's oats are nuclear proof. If that's the way you like your porridge, no need to look anywhere else!

Mrs NITP wanted to get in on the act and because she was more into the other flavours I let her crack on. She too experienced the porridge being quite thick and chunky but agreed the flavours were brilliant. Interestingly, I thought I'd try the plant milk in my tea. Game changer! I've been looking for a plant based milk for my regular beverage and although the creaminess of the dairy has gone, I felt I was drinking a cleaner tea. 


I usually take my bars to school for a mid day snack but my school does not allow peanuts understandably so I had to wait until the weekend to crack one open and OMG! It was like walking through a Christmas market. It had a mulled wine taste to it probably due to the blend of the apple and almond but is there a bit of red wine in there?! Checked the ingredients. Nope. Shame! This limited edition flavour is softer than the other flavours across the KIND range so would be easier on those with sensitive teeth but what a great tasting bar! Now, where's the red wine?!



As porridges go, Moma is your raw kind. Strong on flavour and making sure you're putting the effort in eating it. The flavours in the range make great combinations. Do you use plant based or dairy based milk? Obviously, it'll come down to your diet preferences but if it's down to the taste, I did find dairy blend the porridge better but I'm still holding out for a plant based milk for my cereal to fully transition me off dairy products. For tea though, Moma is a winner!

Get on the KIND bars especially this range. It's like having Santa in your pocket with a smell of the markets following your every step. Question is, do you buy a box for yourself or use it as your Secret Santa?!