Milltag Releases Original Stormtrooper Jersey

Tuesday 26th September 2017

Christmas is only a few months away and if anyone really loves us out there and looking for a novelty gift for us, this'll do! If you're going to wear this though, you surely need to stick a lightsaber in the back pocket and rename your bike the Millennium Falcon?! I'll take the black one please!


Performance cycle clothing brand, Milltag, has released a new Original Stormtrooper jersey, using the iconic designs from Andrew Ainsworth, creator of the Stormtrooper costumes for Star Wars – A New Hope. Milltag, well known in the cycling world for manufacturing custom cycle clothing for brands and clubs, are expanding their Empire with new retail designs, available from


Available in two designs, the white ‘Garrison’ and black ‘Shadow’, the new jerseys use the technical specifications from Milltag’s Club jersey, designed with all the important features for comfort in all conditions. Featuring a Club fit, the fabric is a high wicking Coolplus micro-fibre body, rear and collar with anti-bacterial and active wicking Carbonmesh sides. Including lightweight Stretchfit sleeves for increased aerodynamics, a full length hidden zip, three rear pockets with extra hidden zip pocket.


In 1976, prop maker Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios was approached by designer Nick Pemberton to make the original Stormtrooper costumes used in the first Star Wars movie. He created prototypes for the helmets and armour, and after approval from George Lucas, went into full production to outfit all the troopers in the original films. Created by Milltag under licence from Shepperton Design Studios, these jerseys feature the design of the original helmet that was used by the leading actors and incorporates a number of distinct facial characteristics.


The Garrison design is inspired by the iconic image of row upon row of troopers in their freshly polished bright white armour, the Garrison is perfect for warmer conditions under Earth's single sun. The Shadow design features an abstracted and oversized Original Stormtrooper helmet repeat pattern, a contemporary twist on the classic design. Both jerseys feature the Shepperton Design Studio logo on the back and costume creator Andrew Ainsworth's signature with "True to the Original London 1976" on the cuff. Ed Cowburn, Director of Milltag, said: “At Milltag we’re committed to showcasing the best of design in our products and we’re chuffed with our new Original Stormtrooper jersey. We’re sure it’ll be appreciated by cycling and film fans alike.”


Prop maker Andrew Ainsworth, said of his original design mould of the world famous Stormtrooper: “I made no sketches, no models, no engineering drawings. I sculpted the production moulds directly, using my own blends of resins, fillers and metal dusts. The production moulds were the sculptures - they incorporated undercuts and tumblehomes and produced a moulded, finished article that caught the highlights and shadows of an organically formed being. It wrapped around the body as if it had grown.”


The Milltag Original Stormtrooper is available in limited quantities now, followed by a pre-order wave for delivery in time for Christmas. The jersey is available in sizes XS-XXXL in men’s cut and XS-XL in women’s specific cut and costs £75.00.


*Please note that this product is not available to customers in the United States.


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