mark beaumont recreates world record attempt

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Don't tell Mrs NITP but we have a slight soft spot for Mark Beaumont. It was his book 'The Man Who Cycled The Americas' which spurred us to take more of a deeper interest in cycling. Unfortunately, we accidentally left his book on a bus in Honduras -  irony has a sense of humour it seems! Well Mark is back to take on another mighty challenge and all for one of the most important causes at the moment...

Mark Beaumont – the fastest man to ever circumnavigate the globe by bicycle – is replicating a day-in-the-life of his world record-breaking ride every Thursday during lockdown. More than 400 people have already joined his ‘virtual peloton’ which has so far travelled the equivalent of twice around the world, 36,000 miles, on their home trainers. In just two weeks, they’ve raised £167k  - £125,000 more than Mark’s original target of £25k.


Tomorrow (Thursday 7th May), Mark Beaumont will once again cycle 240 miles on a turbo trainer in his living room . Among those joining him are Paralympians Steve Bate MBE and Mel Nicholls and female round-the-world record holder Jenny Graham. Other who’ve taken part have done everything from run a mile in their back garden to row 20 miles in their kitchen to cycling with Mark for the entirety of his epic 240 mile ride.   


Now, the Edinburgh-based endurance athlete wants to step the charity effort up a gear. He said: “Initially, the plan was for 80 cyclists to come together each Thursday to travel 18,000 miles on their indoor bikes. But after week one, it was immediately clear that so many more people wanted to get involved. The response has been overwhelming. Last week we had not only hundreds of cyclists taking part, but 150 rowers at home, putting a shift in for the charity. Now, I am inviting anyone with a home trainer to join the ride, be inspired by the online community involved and #donateyourmiles for NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients. I truly believe we can go Around the World twice in One Day. Take part this Thursday, or any Thursday during lockdown.”


Last week, 150 rowers led by Ocean adventurer John “Mad Giraffe” Davidson covered a combined 3,000 miles, the same distance as crossing the Atlantic. More than 3,518 people have donated so far – including former Motherwell FC owner Les Hutchison who generously match-funded the first £50k raised.


Ellie Orton, Chief Executive of NHS Charities Together, said: “I’m really humbled by all the efforts from cyclists across the country to raise money for our appeal through the World in a Day challenge, and to Mark Beaumont for putting the hours in on the saddle to support it. This is a phenomenal amount to raise so far, and hopefully worth all the sweat and strain. That money will help NHS charities do even more to support staff, volunteers and patients as they continue to battle the Covid crisis.” 


The goals of World in a Day are to build a community of thousands across the UK coming together every Thursday during lockdown to put in a big shift for our frontline healthcare workers, and to help the physical and mental wellbeing for those involved.  Around the World in One Day will continue for the duration of lockdown. To register, visit and keep-up with what’s happening @worldin1day across social media.

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