Leith Hill Rd, Dorking

A 100 Climbs hill? A Ride London 100 Climb? A member of the Octopus? Its home of the Windy Gap, its home of the Leith Hill Tower, its home to pain and a false summit!

Our first attempt up this popular local climb left us gasping for the sole reason that it has a false peak. Its a gradual climb with a couple of steep sections which hits into the double figures but newbies or those who have not read this review will be outdone by the hill's disguised summit.

This climb does give you a chance to find a rhythm on its lower sections so use this time to play with the gears (depending on your climbing style, we like an easy cadence where possible!). When the trees open up, you will cycle past Leith Hill Place, a historic house given to the National Trust by composer Ralph Vaughan Williams. Its at this point, the gradient kicks as the road begins to wind its way up the hill.

When the road starts to plateau, here's your warning. Suck in that oxygen because it kicks again before you reach a little layby on your left. This is a short section but if your legs are a little shaky at this point, bad news, Shakin' Stevens is on the radio! If you're feeling brave, descend down (not the smoothest descent) towards the a25 and find the other 7 ways up Leith!

Leith Hill Rd, Dorking, RH5


Length: 2km


Average Gradient: 6.6%


Max. Gradient: 16% 


KOM: 4.51


QOM: 6.17


NITP PB: 8.14


NITP Torture Score: 8/10


NITP Pedal Point: Here's your warning once more, when you think you're at the top, look again! As you can see from the veloviewer graph, the gradient will ramp up again so don't be the one pushing your bike pretending to do a Froome because he ran up his climb for a valid reason, you've been warned!