With the roads returning to normal levels of traffic, it's only relevant to have access to an app which tells you what cleaner air routes to take, we like this very much, well done Tenzing!
He has cycled the Americas, he has the cycled the World in record timing too, now with a few friends to join him, Mark Beaumont is attempting to navigate the world again... in his home whilst raising money for the NHS!
Any brand or company venturing into sustainable manufacturing gets an extra dose of respect in our books. Dashel have done just that and have transferred the process into their children's range too!
Need your racing fix? Look no further than the Virtual RAAM - the Race Across America via FulGaz app. 12 days of hardcore spinning, if boredom has truly set in, this is for you!!!
Chafing. Rashes. Saddle sores. One thing you need to be prepared for and need to take steps to make sure it doesn't ruin your ride. Greg Whyte OBE and Bullet & Bone have collaborated to bring you an anti-chafing cream, we had some 'crack-ing' questions for them...!
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