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Thursday 12th July 2018

The apparel scene certainly reflects the cycling boom which is still growing in this country. A new player in the market is Kymira who are pushing the benefits of KYnergy technology which turns waste energy into infrared. So does this mean we can be seen by night vision goggles?! Possibly but Kymira claim that this energy transition has many biological benefits. We hope to put this to the test in the near future but for now, let a very avid cyclist talk to you through his experiences with this new kid on the block...


Andrew Payne is a professional cyclist who clocks up staggering 12,000 ‘cycle miles’ a year – that’s an exceptional 1000 miles a month, which is a phenomenal 250 miles a week. Andrew is an advocate for cycling and uses his bike for 99% of all his journeys, including his 30 mile daily commute. For anyone cycling long distances, comfortable cycling gear is essential to ensuring good health and safety on the bike. For Andrew, preparation is even more crucial, particularly as he suffers from Raynaud’s Disease, which intensifies the effects of windy and cold conditions, resulting in numbness and other health problems.

On a recent visit to the London Bike Show in search for new cycling gloves, Andrew discovered KYMIRA Sport and learnt how the brand’s smart sportswear uses infrared technology to increase micro-circulation, improving temperature regulation and providing pain relief.   This boost in circulation helps maintain dexterity and function whatever the sport and whatever the weather.  Andrew realised that these benefits could help him to manage his own symptoms when cycling, particularly regulating his body temperature through improving blood circulation. For Andrew, this discovery has been revolutionary and since stumbling across KYMIRA Sport, he has never looked back.

Based in Maidenhead, Andrew is a Bikeability teacher, working with groups of 10-11 year olds in schools, helping them to gain confidence with cycling particularly on the road, in traffic. He also teaches ‘Adult Learn to Ride’ sessions, educating adults who cannot ride a bike the basics of cycling and road safety. Alongside teaching, Andrew also works as a cycle guide at sporting events by guiding participants through a prepared cycle route, as well as supporting the team with bike maintenance, health, safety and team morale. Recent events include cycling from London to Amsterdam where the KYMIRA Sport garments helped him achieve the daily 90-mile ride.

As a sufferer of Raynaud’s Disease, Andrew often notices symptoms first thing in the morning, particularly when setting off for his 30-mile commute. He says: “One of the first things I notice in the morning is that my hands are extremely cold, but this usually starts to improve during the ride as my body starts to warm up. However, in the colder weather, there have been times where I have had to wear three pairs of gloves in a bid to keep warm. During previous guided rides where it’s been 12-14 degrees and wet and I’ve felt extremely cold as I am only getting up to a speed of 10-12 miles per hour and not putting enough effort in to keeping my body warm. Normally I would have to wear many layers to retain body heat, however, this can be uncomfortable whilst riding.”

Since wearing KYMIRA Sport, however, Andrew has been able to control his body temperature when cycling due to the infrared technology woven into the garments. In fact, during this year’s ‘Beast from the East’, Andrew boarded his bike whilst wearing his KYMIRA Sport gear and noticed an incredible difference to his body temperature: “During that cold period, the baselayer, the gloves and the socks were all better than anything I had ever worn. I then tried these same garments when we recently experienced hot weather, with temperatures reaching 28 degrees, and I felt far cooler than I did compared to other garments I have used in the past. Following this, I bought a second base-layer to wear in all weathers during every ride.”

Smart Sportswear – how does it work?

Using KYnergy technology, KYMIRA Sport’s garments harness the wearer’s waste energy and latent energy by converting it to infrared. This results in the increase of nitric oxide, which has been proven to produce positive biological effects on the body including: increasing blood circulation; increasing tissue oxygenation; increasing the efficiency of respiration; increasing energy production; relieving pain, and increasing cellular repair and replication.

The benefits of wearing KYMIRA Sport have helped a number of athletes from around the world, both professional and amateur, to push themselves whilst in training.


With various events scheduled throughout the year, including cycling from London to Paris and Newcastle to Reading, Andrew can continue to push himself whilst cycling with the knowledge that his KYMIRA Sport garments will effectively manage problems with circulation, giving him the freedom to do what he loves most - cycling.

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