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kask goes gravel

Tuesday 5th April 2022

It was bound to happen. We've got gravel kit, shoes and now a helmet from big lid players Kask. They do look good though so if you're a graveller and want it all, it's got your name written all over it...

Riding Gravel and Adventure gives the chance to move away from comfort zones, to leave the tarmac behind, to explore, race, and journey across all terrain. It has become synonymous with freedom and breaking new boundaries, with riders now looking to discover new places, to become at one with nature and to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. 

KASK, the benchmark brand within the road and mountain bike helmet sector, is now blazing a trail in the gravel scene, thanks to its collaborative partnerships with the likes of Nathan Haas, Sofiane Sehili and Enough Cycling, three major players who are the very essence of the discipline.

With a 10-year career in professional road racing, Nathan Haas has found new inspiration in the UCI gravel racing series, a collection of one-day races across rough, rugged terrain. For the Australian rider, this means he’ll once again participate in highly competitive environments, leaning into his decade of top tier tarmac experience. Nathan understands the high-performance demands needed from his equipment, the result is why he’s chosen to use the KASK Valegro, offering maximum ventilation with minimal weight.

For Sofiane Sehili gravel is a very different experience. An urban messenger turned ultra-distance gravel racer, Sofiane’s first taste of adventure was racing the 2014 edition of Great Divide, and has continued to go long ever since. Gravel for Sofiane is all about bikepacking, covering ultra long-distances and often multi-day unsupported affairs that can literally cross continents. For these epic rides Sofiane's choice of equipment includes the KASK Protone, featuring a lightweight shell with heavy-duty ventilation, for comfort even on the longest of rides.

KASK supports teams as well, with the likes of the all-Italian Enough Cycling Team, including six men and women. For Enough Cycling, gravel riding is about having just one bike to do whatever comes to mind, from riding Gran Fondo to setting off on a bikepacking adventure. To meet these diverse requirements, the team has chosen the KASK Wasabi, a helmet ideal for all terrains and all seasons, thanks to its central ventilation window that can be opened and closed with ease.